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I have an LG WM2277HW and the soap dispenser drawer is stuck.

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I have an LG WM2277HW and the soap dispenser drawer is stuck. I have looked everywhere and this is a common problem, however, in my case, I cannot jiggle it lose or file it down from the front or anything. The only approach I can foresee is physically entering the machine and dislodging the entire tray itself. My question is two part; 1) How do I gain access to the inside of this particular washing machine in the easiest possible manner as to not disturb to many of the other parts. I was thinking about gaining access to the inside from the top of the machine but I do not see how the top of the machine opens? I four screws on the back securing some white clips, which I thought held the top down and in place, but so far it doesn’t seem to want to come off. 2) If I need to call someone out should I have the replacement part here for them, and where can I go to order the soap dispenser tray and the internal assembly. Please recommend a good place online with an easy return policy in case I don't need one, or all, of the parts?
1. To access you will want to go through the top but I'm honestly not sure if that will do you any good. I'd still try it mayself as well but I've never run into this problem where I haven't been able to jiggle it lose or force it open. To remove the top panel, pull the unit out. Remove the screws coming in from the back holding the top panel on. Pull the top panel back and up so that it can be removed.

2. As far as getting parts, is the place you'll want to order parts from as they are one of the only distributers for LG parts.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Well I removed the top, as mentioned, sure enough, I gained access to the section where it was jammed, by unclasping the cover of the dispenser assembly I was able to see the problem, turns out the softener dispenser section of the assembly was broken in an upward manner, stopping me from pulling the tray out.


Also, sears parts direct does carry what I need and I can make the order online.


Thanks for all the help, I wish I would have removed the top before breaking the dispensing tray but it happens.

awsome, I'm glad you got it all working again. You have a great rest of the weekend. I wasn't sure if you'd be able to unclip the top of the dispenser since it was still mounted into the control panel but it's good to know that you can.