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I have a Fridgidaire topload washer FWS645GHS0 which is not

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I have a Fridgidaire topload washer FWS645GHS0 which is not spinning during the spin cycle. Visibly the motor is spinning but the belt is stationary causing burning smell. Water pump extracting and lid switch seems to be functioning normal. The washer transitions from wash to spin cycle as normal but there is no movement of the inner tub although the pump and motor are running.
HelloCustomer My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help you today! You may just need new belt, so check it for wear by removing it, looking for missing pieces, severe glazing, cracks, splits etc. If that's ok, then it is one of two other possibilities here. First, you could have something wedged between the basket and the washtub, which will stop the basket from being able to spin. To check for this, you would need to remove the top tub cover and check for the obvious in the visible area between the basket and the tub, but if this is the problem and there IS something there, its MORE likely to be a long garment or something wrapped around the shaft of the gearbox, which usually also takes out the tub seal and also may or may not cause a leak. At this point, you will need to remove the agitator, then remove the bolts holding the basket onto the drive trunnion, and most LIKELY will need to remove the drive trunnion as well to get at the garment.

The other possibilty here is that the lower bearing is seized, and if it is, you have to replace the entire gearbox to repair it. To check, remove the belt and try to turn the main drive pulley in the SPIN direction. If it feels "locked" or EXTREMELY hard to turn, that is the most likely cause BUT, usually you will see that water has leaked into that lower bearing for one reason or another, casuing it to seize up and that will back up your diagnosis further. If NONE of this seems to apply, check that belt as that also may be the entire problem! Sometimes they simply get worn to the point where they CANT turn the entire gearbox to allow spin anymore, then you just need to replace the belt! Please let me know if you need further information!
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