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i have an he2plus washer it stops midcyle and an error code

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i have an he2plus washer it stops midcyle and an error code f21 displays and it won't finish the wash I scooped out the water and removed the clothes and re-started and the same thing happened i've also unplugged the machine and plugged it back in
HelloCustomer My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help you today!
CAn you hear the pump running during the cycle but the water still remains in the tub?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Eric i have more details for you i was just observing the washer and everything sounds fine after about 5min, in to the wash cycle it just stops and in the time remaining window 5d comes up which i think is a delay code maybe the timer is off and nothing happens at all


There is no "5D" code (but you are correct that a delay will show in the display, but in this case, would indicate a much bigger problem based on your description of when it occurs) , so in light of the fact that you first received a "F21" error, which indicates the machine has experienced a "long drain", and now you see "5D", that is most lkely a "SD" which means the machine detects a suds lock condition. These are basically one in the same, and mean the machine cannot drain properly. Remove the lower toe panel and look for the drain filter cover, which looks SIMILAR to this :

Have some towels or a shop vac nearby because this CAN get messy. Remove the cap I circled and clear any debris from the filter, AND from the cavity itself and basically any area inside there you can access with your fingers. Also, you MUST be using a good-quality "HE" (high efficiency) soap in this machine and ONLY in the amount of around 2-4 TBS MAX for a full load, otherwise the machine can oversuds and cause suds lock (inability to pump due to impeller cavitation caused by suds) even if you cant SEE the suds. This is VERY important in so many ways! After doing this, try running the machine again and you should be ok. Please let me know if you need further information .
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