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my refrigerator isnt cold enough, and as condensation on the

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my refrigerator isn't cold enough, and as condensation on the ceiling inside. Can it be fixed?

How long was it unplugged and what do you have on the settings for the temps?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It was unplugged for about an hour - I've since read I should have left it for 24 hours? - I mainly unplugged it so I could safely clean it. I didn't take anything apart (and I wouldn't!) ... I just cleaned out what I could see and what I could reach. At the time it seemed the freezor and the fridge were losing coolness (the thermometor I keep inside registered low for both) ... after I did all that, plugged it back in and put the food back, the freezor went back to normal and the fridge almost got to the right temp for a few days - now it's too warm again ... like I said, around 50 degrees. I've got both dials set to the "coldest" setting. Thanks for your help.
Do you have the dials turned all the way up or in the middle?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
All the way up.

It sounds like you have a defrost problem. The excess water below and sweeting on the top of the fresh food. In the link below you will see the heater. This is the most likely cause of the defrost issue. Turn both controls back down to the middle again.(unit works best). See if you feel air moving out of the vents. If it is blowing the controls in the new settings may take care of it. If no air there is likely still frost on the coils. This will need to be removed and the unit will work for about a week after thawing. Unplug the unit, and open the doors. Let thaw for about 12 hours. Put some old towels around the unit in case there is to much water for the pan in the unit. Thank you...

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