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Eric, Home Appliance Technician
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i am at home with a maytag lse1000 washer dryers. It leesps

Customer Question

i am at home with a maytag lse1000 washer dryers. It leesps flasihg lid open. I ave jumperd out lid switch and lid lock verification switch I have changed out control board that i had has spare what is left to get rid of the lid open code and its stoppage of cycle
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
Unfortunately a simple jumpering of both switches on this machine will not satisfy the controller that the lid is locked. The lid switch is really the only switch in this assembly that can be jumpered to lie to the controller. If the solenoid is being energized when you start your cycle (youll hear the "click" ) then de-energizing then it can mean that the controller is not "seeing" that the lid is in fact closed AND locked. It initially looks for an open circuit in the lock switch and a closed circuit in the lid switch, then energizes the lock solenoid, then looks for the closed circuit in the lock switch. The key here is the change from open circuit to closed circuit on the lock switch at the time when the solenoid engages.You need to check that both switches can go from open to closed circuit when actuated manually and thet the mechanical linkage between the lock solenoid and the mechanical lock latch is free to engage the lock switch AND that the lock solenoid actually engages. If any of these parts do not function correctly, the faulty part must be replaced for correct operation. This is because of the "logic" on the board versus a standard electromechanical timer controlled setup. Please let me know if you need further information.

Edited by Eric on 10/19/2009 at 3:25 PM EST
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I will pay as good faith but i have traced the wire from both switch interlocks back to the control board connector . I have found that the multi terminal(10) connector was not making contact to the control board i traced using conductivity tester to verify that the conductor I reappled the connector It was the last wire on a 10 wire connect and i guess was just not making contact . Your advice was sound.
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
Awesome! I have also seen that happen at all of the connector blocks on these things , they are VERY susceptible to corrosion and worth reseating while you are in there for this repair on this machine , and I should have included that in my initial answer as well. Remember though that you can ALWAYS post back to our dialog during a question and answer session if the the advice we give you does not work on the first answer and we will move to different possibilities with the goal of ensuring your complete satisfaction and successful resolution of your problem. It has been my pleasure helping you today and I thank you very much! Have a great dayCustomer

Edited by Eric on 10/19/2009 at 3:52 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

in a way you did answer it


"then de-energizing then it can mean that the controller is not "seeing" that the lid is in fact closed AND locked. " it just was at the terminal board plug thanks

Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
Your very welcome!