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Hi I just bought a Maytag neptune thru craigs list and am

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Hi I just bought a Maytag neptune thru craig's list and am not sure the water is filling up the drum all the way --at least it seems that way. It seems to be really working hard when the wash first starts? Is that normal? My first stab at a HE washer... It's model number HAH3000AWW. It keeps starting and stopping and then again. Should I call someone to check it out or is this normal?

Hi. this is Bryan,let me look at your model and i'll be back soon thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Correction..It's Mah3000AWW sorry
I already figured that out, ok when you say it struggles , do you mean it struggles to fill? really slow filling?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Once it seems likes its filled with water and then it starts turning it seems labored to turn, makes sense? It may be me but it just seems like that. Again, my first at a HE washer but I can't open the door to see as it has door lock on it.
ok does this seem to go back and forth after fill? (agitating) you dont see aalot of water but thats unusual they dont fill up that much , they are real water saving machines. but you say laboring it could be a motor problem. have you run a whole wash cycle yet?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes it's the agitating that I am concerned about it does it and then stops and again and stops and that is what seems so labored (sounding to me). I have ran three loads and each load has come out ok although it seems to take forever! My old washer was done with a load in like 20 minutes where this one takes maybe like 35 or longer? I guess that where you say it's the water saving thing that makes me feel better as it seems like it isn't getting as much water as my old one. I'll keep an eye on it and if I have further problems I can call a repair service out to look at the motor. Thank you!
ok this stopping and going is normal on these, thats the way it works , I think its fine just use it and if it stops let me know thanks Bryan
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