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Our Bosch dishwasher (model SHX46A05UC /21) constantly doesnt

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Our Bosch dishwasher (model SHX46A05UC /21) constantly doesn't drain enough water at the end of the cycle. The pan is full to the point of leaking out some water onto the floor with every wash cycle. The cancel/drain function can >eventually< be used to drain the pan, but it won't come on while the unit is still hot from the wash cycle, and then usually takes two cycles. It's amazingly annoying to a)know that the unit is CAPABLE of draining itself, but just won't do it, and b)have to wait for everything to cool down before running the cancel/drain function (twice) to get the water down to a reasonable level. A while back, I discovered the 'high loop' in the drain hose had fallen to the floor behind the machine, and re-elevated it. That solved the problem for a little while, but then it came back as badly as ever. I have cleaned all the accessible and easily removable parts in the drain pan. Is there any hope we can get this thing just plain working the way it is supposed to?
Have you checked the air-gap for blockage?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We have no 'air gap' that I know of. The drain hose from the back of the machine is (and has always been) plumbed directly to a copper drain line under the kitchen sink that was what the last dishwasher used before I put in this Bosch unit. The plastic bosch drain tube clamps to this stub of pipe just an inch or two above the 'floor' of the kitchen cabinet, which is a few inches above the kitchen floor. Since I can't see this drain line anywhere in the basement below the cabinets, I assume it simply ties directly to the main kitchen sink drain somewhere below the 'floor' of the kitchen cabinet, but above the level of the kitchen floor.
I would disconnect the drain hose and check for blockage, try disconnecting the drain line and running it into a bucket, if it drains, then you know the problem isn't the dishwasher.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Great idea. A couple of questions:
1) how big a bucket do we need to not flood our kitchen?
2) I assume that a 'normal' 'air gap' is that thingy you see on some sinks and serves as a way of venting the drain line from above?
3) if our unit drains just fine when going simply into a bucket, one of our options is to connect the dishwasher drain hose to the drain arm that's built into our new disposal unit, and just cap off the non-vented dishwasher drain built into the floor of the kitchen cabinet. Does this make sense?, especially given that we don't have an easy way to install a normal 'air gap' (all the holes in our cast iron sink are being used for other items)
A 5 gallon bucket should be fine, you can just open the door if it's getting too full. Yes the air-gap sits on top of the sink and prevents a siphon from forming and letting dirty water from the sink back in the unit. If you put the drain line to the disposal, just attach it as high as you can so it won't create a siphon.
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