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I have a baby swing that goes through D cell batteries like

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I have a baby swing that goes through D cell batteries like nothing I've ever seen before. I spend 30 to 40 bucks a week on these little things. I tinker with very minor wiring myself and have had a lot of luck making cell phone chargers and various little things like that on my own. I have been thinking how to do the same for this "God sent" baby swing that keeps my precious little girl quiet at night. I've got the motorized componant non the baby swing open now and I'll describe where I'm at here. It uses 3 'D' cell batteries in a + to - series. More clearly through little springs and contact plates the 3 batteries basically connect end to end. SO the 2 wires that go to the swing motor touch the + end of the series of batteries and the other wire touches the - end. I'm pretty sure that alkaline batteries are DC and these wall adapters are AC. The 3 batteries add up to 4.5 volts (marked as 1.5 each) and I want to know what AC adapter would be safe to wire in? Thanks.
I had the same problem and wired an adapter into the circuit. The output for a cell phone charger is DC. I got mine from a local thrift store for $1. If you connect the wires reversed, it only makes the motor run backwards.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Great Dave I'm very happy to hear your news! Just one more little thing. Is the 5v adapter going to be a problem for the 4.5v worth of battery power or is that small enough of a step up to be safe?
It is more the amperage load. It won't hurt to try it for a few seconds though. There should be a serial model number embossed on the swing stating volts and amps.
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