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Maytag clothes washer vibrates excessively during spin cycle,

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Maytag clothes washer vibrates excessively during spin cycle, even when empty with no clothes. what is most likely cause? unbalanced spinner basket or worn transmission?
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Open the lid and grab hold of the tub basket, move it around and tell me if it feels loose at all or does it feel solidly connected to the shaft?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It's definitely solidly connected to the shaft. I had it out already. If I run spin cycle with basket out (spindle running only ) there is a small vibration, but this does not seem to be enough to cause the "wumping" that happens when I spin the basket. I've done all the basics, like shifting the clothes, levelling the feet etc. Again, the vibration happens when I spin the empty basket (no clothes). I'm thinking either an out-of-balance basket (is this common? does this ever happen?) or a slight wear in the transmission, and the basket then exacerbates the problem, because of it's inertia.
Awaiting your further info.
I will pay for helpful advice when done... ;-)
You're right on with the last. You'll need a new transmission part or parts to solve the problem. I would take it apart and replace any worn or disfigured parts. You won't have to replace everything in the trans. Parts are available here:

On the left go down to "transmission" and click. Then the parts list will appear along with a breakdown of the assembly.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The washer is a Maytag MAV7000AWW
I can purchase a transmission for $300 - I think that if that saves me a service call (which might be $250 + $50 parts) I still break even and get everything new.... make sense - or might I just find a bad bearing or washer that I can replace and save a ton of money?

I am very mechanically apt, and not afraid to dig into this, I just want to go about it smartly. (and keep the wife happy....)

Some posts I've read reference a "Thrust bearing kit" or "snubber" - are these parts a part of the transmission assembly? (again, if I replace the entire transmission, I replace everything at once).

What is your experience with possibility of my basket theory? Very little chance - or sometimes it can cause this?

You have several questions.
If you're going to compare buying a $300 trans and installing it yourself to paying $250 for a pro plus $50 parts I'd go with the pro. It's cheaper once you factor in your time and you should get some guarantee from a pro. If you take it apart yourself and replace a few parts you may spend $50 and likely have fun doing it (my personal choice).
If you go to the site I suggested you will see a breakdown of the trans and a list of parts.
Never had a basket fall out of balance unless dropped by a tech.
Have fun.
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