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I just noticed the freezer temp indicator is blinking and going

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I just noticed the freezer temp indicator is blinking and going up slowly. my stuff seems to have defrosted some.. what can I do to fix this..?? I tried adjusting the temp to bring it back down. Not working. I also made sure the door is closing properly and the electrical plug is not pinched. What now?

Do you notice frost accumulation inside the back wall of the freezer?

Is the fan in the freezer running?

Do you notice if the compressor at the back is running? Vibrating?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Frost is accumulating .. but no to the other questions. Although I never really hear much from it anyways since it is so quiet. But there is no fan or anything running .. the ref side is working fine tho...

You will have to press the door switch on the freezer side and wait for 10 seconds before the fan would run.

Can you try it please.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
When I press the door switch something comes on but then when I let go it goes off.... When I listen at the door after I dont hear anything......should I press it longer ??
That could be the fan in the freezer and since the evaporator is all frosted up, you can not feel the air coming out of the vents.

You can press longer if you want to and feel if there is air coming out of the vents.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
when the door switched thing is pressed I feel a tiny bit of air coming out of the vents.. what do I do?? The temp is rising? Its at 9 degrees now .. when i first contacted you it was at 6

You have a defrost issue. The automatic defrost is not functioning.

It could be a defrost heater.
A bad defrost termination thermostat.
Or a bad defrost timer.

Here is an article to help you understand how defrost works.

Temporarily, you can manually defrost the freezerby removing the back wall and use a hair dryer to thaw all the ice in the coil. Be careful, do not heat it too much. The thermistors do get damaged if heated too much.

Then put everything back and the unit would run for a couple of days until your part arrives which ever is defective.

Francis and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So it could be anyone of these things? There is no way to determine which one it would be?
Do you have a meter?

The defrost heater should have a resistance of 75-150 ohms. The defrost termination thermostat should have a closed contact when fully frosted and open when thawed.

If both parts would be good, then it would be the timer then or the module if it is electronics.


I have to log off, If you have any more questions, post it here and I will answer them as soon as I log back in tomorrow.

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