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estate dryer takes forever to dry i can see it light up and

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estate dryer takes forever to dry i can see it light up and glow but goes out after a few minutes and comes back on for a a minute or so a few times during a loadit takes about 2 to 3 hours to dry
The dryer should light and burn about 3 min on 3 or 4 min off.There a a few reason for it to short cycle.The most common reason is a clogged or restricted vent,To rule this out,run the dryer with the vent unhooked off the back of the dryer.See if it seems to burn longer.if so your vent is the problem,otherwise the coil valve located on the gas of them is failing.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the vent leading to outside has a few wholes in it could that cause it
No,if the vent is the problem holes would help air flow,unless the vent is a foot or so unless you unhook the vent and rule it out it could be either.The most common cause I see daily with your complaint is a clogged vent issue.If you rule the vent out,it basically leaves the coil valves as the most likely problem.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

well i know that the vent is clear of depree i can see from one end to the other . if it is the coil valves is that something i can do my slef?


Yes it is fairly easy.On the top where your lint filter is,remove the 2 screws and pull the front of the top out and up off the clips. if you look in the top,on each corner will be 2 screws going into the front case.Remove those and the front will swivel off 2 clips at each lower corner on the front.You may want to unplug the door switch if you are limited with space to work.Look on the left side under the drum,you will see the gas valve.The coil valves are 2 round black coils with wires connected.2 screws hold them on.just unplug and replace them.
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