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my maytag washer is only putting out hot or warm water. even

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my maytag washer is only putting out hot or warm water. even setting the temp on cold/cold you only get hot water. the auto temp light is lit also. have checked the water connections.
Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer. First you need to check the cold water inlet screens. Turn the water off and remove both ends of the hose. Check for screens in both ends and also in the inlet of the washer valve. You'll have to pull the washer out for that. If you find any clogs, clean and replace. If no clogs then you'll have to test the water valve then the control board, in order. Parts are available at
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

unhooked hoses and cleaned screens, left hot hose disconnected and got cold water, rehooked hot hose and with temp setting set to cold/cold, got hot/warm water.

how do I check the control board?

So when you left the hot hose off and set the unit for cold you got cold but with both hoses on and set for cold you got warm, correct? That indicates to me that the hot side of the valve is stuck open. Not nessessary to go further. You will find the part here:

On the left click on Cabinet and it's part #2:

Enlarge Photo
Water inlet valve - Valve includes thermistor.
Part Number: AP4010168 made by WHIRLPOOL
In Stock
Order now and it will ship Thursday
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
installed water inlet valve that was suggested and washer is still putting out warm/hot water on cold setting.
Talk about luck. You are the recipient of a one in a million factory installed mistake. An incorectly assembled wiring harness simulates a bad water valve selenoid. It happens so rarely we don't give it a second thought. The solution at this point is to simply reverse the connections, hot for cold.