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Are these kenmore elite model #s any good. I am looking to

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Are these kenmore elite model #'s any good. I am looking to purcase a pair from a Craiglist post, but I can't seem to find any info on them

HiCustomerMy name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help you!
Your model numbers did not show up in your post. Not your fault, Just ANswers' security filters think the model numbers are phone numbers so they show up as XXXXXXXX. Please try entering them again using this format "123.4567890 " and we will see if they show up in your post. I apologize for this, and I will contact JA about this problem.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I am sending you the Craigslist link for the ad. Let me know if this helps. Thanks Eric.

Washer: 110.20952994

Dryer: 110.60952990

Thanks for those model numbersCustomer
Ok. So, beginning with the washer, this model number is an EXCELLENT washer in most respects, it is a Kenmore "110" which means it was made by Whirlpool, and as most techs will tell you, THATS A HUGE PLUS. The direct drive MECHANICAL design of this machine has been around since has been around since the mid 80's and has NOT changed at all since then (read further though) . It is VERY easy to work on, relatively cheap to repair , ALL techs know how to work on them and they last a long time with minimal repairs while working their butts off for you the whole time. The ONLY thing that has me worried is that the model number showing in that ad is NOT the model number for that machine in the picture. The model number shown is a great machine with standard electro-mechanical controls and standard direct-drive features and plumbing .The one in the picture is a Catylyst or Calypso model with electronic controls and these can be a little quirky on the ELECTRONIC CONTROL side of things and plumbing and some mechanical issues (read on) . The internal MECHANICAL design is more or less (read about the calypso though) still the same , aside from the fact that the washer in the Catylyst and Calypso lines have more in the way of plumbing, in that they recirculate your wash water and have an overall higher failure rate.The Calypso itself has a MUCH higher repair rate due to other differences in the control, plumbing , spin and agitate functions. This could be an error in listing or an error in the Sears database, but I would definitely investigate to be sure, because while We LOVE Whirlpool made machines, Catylyst and Calypso were unfortunately the exception. Check the model number on the tag under the lid to be sure.

Now for the dryer.
It is a Whirlpool "DOTT" dryer which means "dryer of tommorow today" which personally, I REALLY love to work on. Cheap, easy, efficient , large capacity, a REAL workhorse, mechanically this type of dryer came out roughly the same time as the direct drive washer and hasnt changed much mechanically. However, this is an "Evenheat" version, but it IS the later Evenheat design, which means Whirlpool added some un-necessary complexity to to the control system, which we had some problems with initally, but at least three revisions later, seem to be more or less a thing of the past.
The dryer for the most part gets a big THUMBS UP from me.

The price for both seems fair,considering they will deliver, install etc. but I would want to verify the model number on that washer and proceed with some caution if the tag is not there or is different then what was advertised. i am more than happy to provide further information if you require it!
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