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Experience:  Factory/company training at MAJOR retailer, now owns and operates an appliance repair business.
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Customer Question

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.

HelloCustomer My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help you today!
There is a magnetic switch, caled a reed switch, diagram index #15 that, if electrically open, will keep the machine from doing anything at all. This is actuated by a tiny magnet in the dispenser drawer , #51 . If the magnet becomes lost or the switch goes bad, you will have absolutely no response from the machine. This was such a problem that frigiaire eliminated the switch electrically by jumpering it on all replacement control boards for you machine, so they felt that the feature was un needed. You can first check for the magnet in the drawer, and if you see/ feel it, open the top by removing the rear screws, look towards the left of the control panel where the main controller is mounted, you will see this graphic

clipped onto the area of the inside of the dispenser, approximately where the #27 is pointing to in the diagram. You can test the switch if you want by removing the connector from the controller, put meter on continuity, touch the leads to the terminals on the connector and close the dispenser drawer. If no continuity, replace the switch if you want, or the magnet in the drawer, whichever applies, but honestly, you can just snip the switch off and connect the wires together, tape them out of the way and call it good. Like I said, the manufacturer eliminated that switch on all replacement boards for your machines and they come jumpered right from the factory, so you dont need it! Let me know if you need any further information or if this does not work!

Edited by Eric on 9/29/2009 at 2:34 PM EST
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Good info but to no avail. Still no lock light. It won't go into self diagnosis. When the start button is pressed it beeps 3 times and has steady flashing light. It wont fill or anything else. The tech sheet shows how to put it in self diagnosis but this washer does't have the same configuration of the five indicator lights as the sheet calls for other than the start button. It's like the control board is not accepting the commands. Take another shot at it? Tks inchshort
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
Have you checked to make sure the control is not locked? On the control panel , there is a VERY smal icon tha looks like a padlock. It will have a bracket that corresponds to buttons that must be pressed to UNLOCK the control. I believe from memory on your machine that its start and pause / cancel, but I dont remember. I will check. At any rate, if you see that icon, press AND HOLD the corresponding button or set of buttons for 3-5 seconds and try again . That may be it, but let me know. Thanks
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
Actually, its "options" and "select" and there is an indicator on the control panel when its engaged at the BOTTOM of the lights on the right. The indicator is ALSO a padlock icon.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, I have tried it and also unplugged it overnight and pressed the start and pause buttons together.It's supposed to go blank and reset the fault code Instead all but the lock light comes on and the start light flashes continually. If you would like to call me try XXX-XXX-XXXX Tks Just got your last message. I tried that also. The paddlelock light is on and has not shut off after trying both options. From top to bottom---- lock light off,add garment light on,washing light on, final spin light on, control(paddlelock icon) light on. Wouldn't the control lock reset to off after unplugging for awhile?
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
Well, unfortunately it sounds alot like the the main controller is failing. If the padlock light is on AND you have tried to unlock the control using the CORRECT buttons, your control board has failed (but see below) . There is NO other explanation. You must replace the board , but PLEASE be sure you have tried everything we have talked about, including checking ALL connections throughout the machine, especially at the controller itself.

That being said, ARE YOU SURE that you are not stuck in a diagnostic? I know these are a pain to decipher codes on because of the cryptic flashing lights and such, but part of me believes you are still in a diagnostic when you are trying to verify funnction of the control lock mode. It is true that pressing start and pause cancel buttons will recall error codes, but you must exit this mode to test for that control lock function. Yes , unplugging is normally just fine to exit the routine
AND, the following is from the service manual which I have and is much more detailed than the tech sheet you have, so see if this applies :

****** Please Note the following...... on a small number of
washers with serial number prefix XC4, if the previous
procedure does not perform as specified, follow the option
• Follow all previous steps but instead of pressing
Start and Pause/Cancel buttons, press and hold
Options and Pause/Cancel buttons. ********

Try that combination to enter/exit the code recall mode. Unplugging should reset the board for normal operation.

Finally, I know this would be easier over the phone but that is against the rules, so your phone number came up blank due to the filtering. I am happy to continue helping with this as much as possible through Just Answer though.


Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
I forgot to ask you if you tried to enter (or exit, if THATS where your control is stuck) the FUNCTIONAL diagnostic mode, not just code recall. Try this :
turn the Program Knob to start position, Drain/Spin.
Press Pause/Cancel to turn off LEDs.
Within 5 seconds, press and hold the Option and
Pause Cancel buttons until LEDs start
sequentially chasing, then release buttons.
All LEDs will light sequentially. When you press a button under a light cluster will light all lights in the cluster above that button.
Turn the program knob clockwise 1 click at a time to test the different functions of the machine

Also, if you really are stuck in a diagnostic, try turning the knob 2-3 clicks after drain/spin, THEN press options and pause/cancel for 3-5 seconds. If that doesnt work try the start and pause/cancel with the knob in that position .

AND, clearing the codes on your machine actually is done by turning the knob 9 clicks clockwise from the start (drain/spin) position, then pressing options and pause/cancel OR start and pause/cancel

Edited by Eric on 9/29/2009 at 10:05 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Tks eric for the info and keeping at it. I want you to know that I own and operate a small appliance and refrigeration company but don't have access to manufacturers info so I thought I might try this avenue. I am pleased with the results. I understand perfectly what you are talking about in regards XXXXX XXXXX washer but I wanted to get an experts opinion before I order that board. I found you to be very honest and helpful so when I put that board in I'm confident it will solve the problem. Tks again and if you don't mind I would like to use your services again sometime.Customer
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
No problem ! It would be my pleasure to help you any time you need it and thanks for the kind words! Good luck with that washer and let me know how the repair turns out.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Eric, the new board worked and he also wanted the new door lock assembly left i . He gave me a $60.00 tip for hanging in there. Tks again,Customer
Expert:  Eric replied 7 years ago.
You are very welcome! Glad it all worked out for you!