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Good morning...I have a Maytag front-load washer (Neptune).

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Good morning...I have a Maytag front-load washer (Neptune). The past few months, it has a musty smell when you open the door that will not go away (about 4 months now). I've tried using baking soda and have also tried vinegar but nothing works. It is starting to transfer to a musty smell on the clothing after washing (towels, sheets). Can you give me any ideas on what to do, please?

Also, when doing a small load of wash, the washer sometimes leaks. Should I call a repair man.

Thank you.
Hello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to help you today!
This is a notorious problem with these and always has been. Please check your door boot at the bottm for a small hole. This is a boot drainage hole and it is usually clogged. This will allow water to collect in the boot and then develop mold and mildew. If clogged, use a small q-tip to clear it. Also, vinegar and baking soda are nearly useless as a method to ELIMINATE odor in these. Bleach works better, but many people do not like using bleach for different reasons. A product called Affresh (Link to their wesite) works great to clean the inside parts of the washer that cause odors. Wwe use it in the field and can verify its effectiveness. this should be used REGULARLY in a Neptune. Also, ONLY use 2-3 TBS MAX of an HE(high efficiency) soap because the neptunes already have problems with rinsing away residual soap, this is a problem with almost all HE type machines like yours. Saop residue actually causes a very foul smell when left unrinsed for a long time. As far asthe leak, when you are checking the door boot, check VERY CAREFULLY around the radius of the interior bellows (flexible) portion of the boot. Very frequently, we see tiny to gigantic holes and tears in the boot that are undetected by the customer because of the way the bellows folds when its idle that cause leakage into the machine, then out through the floor panel. Sometimes, because of mold and mildew that build up in the boot, all cleaning methods fail and we must replace the boot. There have been MANY complaints AND lawsuits about this problem since these came out. Please try these things and dont hesitate to let me know if you need more info.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you Eric...are there new types of washing machines that you would recommend that don't have problems such as these?
Well, the Neptune had MANY different kind s of problems but alot of front loaders AND the newer HE toploaders from all manufactures have their share of similar problems, though not as prominent as the Neptune series . Personally, I prefer Whirlpool - made products (Whirlpool branded, NEW Maytag, Kenmores that begin with "110" in the model number, etc. Your salesperson will know who ACTUALLY made a machine you are considering if he knows his business) because from a technicians standpoint, 1)They are easier to work on 2)Have a RELATIVELY low repair rate compared to other domestic brands 3)Have a RELATIVELY high customer satisfaction rate 4) Are generally well built and effficient in many ways. However, ANY machine CAN have this type of issue under heavy use without minimum preventative maintennance such as using the Affresh or other internal cleaning agent from day one, then once ever 3-6 months to keep the residual debris that builds up in ALL of them, from becoming unmanageable. I find that the Whirlpool made products have generated less odor complaints then most of the competing brands of comparable machines, but I still get calls on them from time to time for that issue.
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