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Maytag gemini MGR6772BDQ Spark Harness How do I remove

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Maytag gemini MGR6772BDQ
Spark Harness

How do I remove the top to get access?

Can I do it without removing the burners(screws are "rudted" and instead release the gas lines to the valve bar and oven?

Thank you
you need to remove the screws under the burner assemblys and the there should be a clip on each side of the front about 3-4 inches in get a flat head screw driver and push the clips(some ovens have these some dont) in and lift the top , this should be on hinges on the back . since your srews are rusted this may pose a problem though. Lowes may have a screw exstractor that will get them out. you will probably nee to replace the screws, thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Bryan,
Thank you for the speedy reply.
I removed the 2 screws by the top oven door holding the top secure. I can raise the top slightly and look under. In looking under I don't see any clips. But tell me if this sounds correct:
I can
remove the burner caps.
Remove the 2 rusted screws holding the burner head to the burner assembly (using an extractor)
This will isolate the top from the burners, allow me to raise the top access to the spark harness,

Question: will I need to replace any gaskets by the burners?
It looks like the spark harness drops over the valve stems. I don't see any screws (other than the 2 screws into the valve bar.

Thank you.
if the gaskets are broken I would. just make sure you get all the screws out of all the burners because this should lift up allot so you can get at the harness. be careful not to kink any gas lines and always shut the gas off to stove before servicing, thanks Bryan