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washer maching whirpool shows on display sud and I was advise

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washer maching whirpool shows on display sud and I was advise to clean pump filter check pressure hose. after playing with the controls work ones and then next load was the same . It also goes to F35 and the technician yelowbook say analog pressure sensor failure malfuntion of the steamer electronic board I check airtrap for any thing blocking it , pressure hose was fixed correctly hose was not blocked. what can I do next to fixe the          problem.   Avelino.     model- wfw9600tw00 serial csu3702471

SUDS LOCK (Overdose of Detergent detected during the Wash Cycle)

The motor control unit senses a suds lock condition by analyzing the current draw on the drive motor. If "Sud" is displayed a potential suds lock is detected. This may signify a bad pump, an extra heavy load, excessive detergent, or excessive suds.

  • If too much detergent was used, run the unit through a Rinse/Spin cycle, then a Normal cycle, without adding any detergent. This should clear the unit of the excess detergent.
  • Check the drain hose and make sure it is not plugged or kinked.
  • Check Wire Harness connectors to the Drain Pump, Pressure Switch, and Central Control Unit (CCU)
  • Check/Clean Drain Pump Filter of foreign objects
  • Check Drain Pump
  • Check Pressure Switch
  • Check CCU
heres all the tech sheets and diagnoses for your machine, click the blue link. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the pump drain the water out living some in the pump filter like 16 once glass and some in the drain hose. It is that normal.
yes usually there is some water left in the machine under the inner tub, read the tech sheets i sent you carefully and you will probably get to the problem. these tech sheets are supposed to be for techs only but thought this would be the best way for you to diagnose, thanks, Bryan
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have the tech sheet the maching also give the code F35 wich I read and check for malfuntions of the steamer and It was ok, by the test that I did ,what can I do next

have you tested the water level switch?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

NO I have not.

TEST #6 Operating Pressure Switch Test

1. Check the hose connections between the pressure switch in

the console and the pressure dome attached to the tub.

2. If hose connections are good, check the Operating Pressure

Switch by pressing Heavy Duty then Start to start a cycle. Let

the unit fill and see if the operating pressure switch turns off

the water.

TEST No 6 Test du contacteur manométrique

1. Inspecter les connexions du tuyau de raccordement entre le contacteur

manométrique et le fond de la cuve.

2. Si les connexions sont en bon état, contrôler le fonctionnement du

contacteur manométrique : appuyer sur les touches Heavy Duty et Start

pour lancer un programme. Laisser l'appareil se remplir et déterminer à

quel niveau le contacteur manométrique met fin au remplissage.

?If the water fills the tub to a

visible level (above the nutate

plate), stop the cycle.

3. Unplug washer or disconnect


4. Check resistance across pin P

and V of the operating pressure


?If resistance is <.5 ohms

(short), replace the operating

pressure switch. See figure 7.

?If resistance is open, the water

level pressure switch has

opened the switch.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I ran the test and work stop the water after 2minutes now Ihave the SUD flashing on the display
you have a blockage (suds) probably under the inner tub. you may need to remove the boot on the bottom of the tub and clean that out. also you can try dumping a large bottle of white vineagar in the tub and then drain it out(this helps break up suds) and try a rinse cycle if this drains. you definatly have a suds block somewhere in the system. dont have any clothes in it when you do this , also run a couple of cycles without clothes after you get it running right befroe doing laundry to clean it out. if this doesnt work you need to call for service on this. thanks Bryan
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