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i have a scotsman ice machince model (#cme256as-1f) bin light

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i have a scotsman ice machince model (#cme256as-1f) bin light stay on telling it is full but not. i ask on 9-13-2009 was some help but need more. no one around this part of the country don't know any more than i do. and there is no magnet to be found on or about the curtain covering the ice maker or does it look like has ever been there thanks

There is a bin level sensor, probably electronic, that is supposed to stop ice production, when the bin is full. If this sensor gets dirty, it will sometimes send a false signal to the control board. The sensor will be located at the same level as the ice, when the icemaker is working normally. Often, the sensor hangs from the top of the bin. Locate the sensor and clean it with a degreasing solution.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
there are 2 bin sensors in model cme 256as-1f the cpu says bin full a dc meter was used to check voltage on bot sensors one read 5.0v the other 2.4 i assume the 5.0 is suppose to go low when bin is full we tried disconnecting both sensors leaving both at 5.0 and then grounding both sensors either way hi or low it still says bin full and comes on a few seconds with water then compressor cycles about 5 sec. then it shuts off we tryed cleaning both first btw any help greatly appr. thanks
<p>Is the condenser coil clean, so air can pass through it? If so, your problem is probably with the control board.</p>

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