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I have a frigidaire affinity front load washer and last night

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I have a frigidaire affinity front load washer and last night while washing towels, it got out of round and started "walking" across the laundry room floor. I quickly turned it off and when I opened it, I saw that the gray rubber gasket around the door looks like it has been pulled out on one side. The seal is still intact all the way around the gasket, but we cannot get the gasket to go back in place right. It looks like it needs to be tucked back in, but we have pushed and tried and can't figure out how to get it back in place. When the washer is empty, it will spin correctly, but even with a few towels in it, it will not spin properly. Is there a way to get the gasket back in place without having to call out a technician.

An expert emailed me and said he needed more information, but there is no post from him on here and it still says "awaiting expert action". I would like someone to post to my question.
graphicHello! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help you as much as I can!
Ok. Well, take a look at the diagram i have included. The door boot is held onto both the tub and the front door frame by spring clamps. I am assuming that the OUTER (door frame mounted) portion of the boot has come off. You must tuck the groove on the boot into the lip on the door frame, then expand the spring clamp (#49 in the diagram) so that it can be attached around the boot which will hold it in this lip. The PROBLEM I am gusessing, based on your description, is that you said it will not spin correctly. This problem with the boot sounds like a symptom of a bigger problem. One of the springs that hold the tub/basket assembly up , number 14 in the diagram, may have broken which causes the tub/basket assembly to fall onto the floor of the cabinet of the machine, which in turn pulls the door gasket and COULD break shocks,pump etc on the floor of the machine. i have seen this happen MANY times. To check, you will need to remove the screws on the rear of the top panel, slide the top panel rearward, then pull it off. Inside, look to the left and to the right for the springs that hold the tub up on the sides of the frame and make sure.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Do I have to take the top panel off as you describe in order to get to the spring clamp (#49). I'm assuming I do as I can't see anything but rubber gasket when looking at it from the outside.
Well lets make sure we are on th same page here. What part of the boot actually came off? The front or the rear? If its the front, you do NOT have to take the top panel off. That is what I assumed when I gave my answer. If that is the case, you just need to tuck the boot back on the door frame lip like I said, Then put the OUTER or FRONT spring clamp (#49) back on the OUTER part of the gasket by gently expanding the actual spring in the clamp while installing it in the groove where the boot is now installed in that lip.
if the INSIDE or REAR clamp has come off, you will have to first REMOVE the outer clamp, tuck the boot back on the TUB, making sure the small pointed arrow on the boot is pointing straight up,then roll the larger clamp, #7 on the diagram around the groove there. This is ALOT harder to do than the outer clamp.
Like I said in my last post though, we really want to make sure that the reason this came off in the first place is not that the tub support spring I mentioned has broken. If it has, That must be replaced first or you will never get the tub boot to stay on at all, if you can even get it on the tub and door frame because the tub is no longer centered on the suspension. In that case, AFTER replacing the tub spring, you would ALSO need to remove the lower panel to check if your shocks have broke or for any other damage caused by the VERY heavy tub falling into the cabinet of the machine. If you want, before doing anything else here, you can check for that spring failure and for shock or other damage by just removing that lower panel now. If you have a camera, you can upload pictures of your problem to me by using the the small green tree button on your message posting interface. I will help you further with this problem as much as it takes so dont worry, im here for you!
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
wow, thank you so much for taking the time with me. I'm not sure if it's the front or back of the boot that has come off, but when I look at the boot and inside the drum, I cannot see anything that looks like a clamp.   All I see is the gasket itself and the metal of the door and the tub. I will take your advice and look in the bottom for damage. It doesn't look or feel like the tub itself is lower. I'll get back to you after we look at the bottom.   I took some pics as you suggested, but I don't see a small green tree button to upload. Thanks again for your help and please be assured I will accept and pay you for your time.
No problem. Yeah, Im not 100 percent sure that a customer can still post images because JustAnswer is constantly changing, but I used to be able to get customers to post pictures the same same way us experts post them because I think they have/had similar interface. if, when you look at the box where you input your question, you dont see a row of graphical tools, look up around the the message input box for a hyperlink that says "show toolbar" or something to that effect. If its there, you click that and then you should see the lttle icon that looks like this graphic. That is how you upload a picture.
As far as the clamp, the inside clamp is NOT visible from the OUTSIDE of the machine and with the OUTER part of the boot still installed to the door frame. You can only see it when you fold the OUTER or FRONT part of the gasket INWARD towards the inside of the tub, then look on the outside surface of the gasket where it is connected to the tub which is now visible. It is inside that recessed area. Ill try and find a pic to help.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK, I saw the outside clamp. it is still there and in place and the gasket is not loose on the outside. It is out of place in the inside part. Sorry, I still can't find any icon to upload pics.
Ok, no problem.
Well, that really sucks because it is much more cumbersome to get the inside clamp back on and the clamp, if you cant see it dangling on the loose boot somewhere is probably on the floor of the machine now. Look VERY carefully to see if it somewhere around the gasket or POSSIBLY still attached to the tub. On this machine, you should not have a bottom/front access panel which for the life of me, I cant understand why the later designs did away with, but you may be able to get it by removing the rear PANEL,but if not, you will have to remove the entire front panel of the machine just to gain access to the lower/front part of the machine. This is not as bad as it sounds but still involces a fair amount of work. If you CAN get the spring clamp, we can move on to attempting to get the boot back on the tub now. BE ADVISED, this is NOT a fun job at all but it can be done without removing the front panel but you will need something to wedge the spring into the groove on the gasket where it connects to the tub as you feed the spring around the boot, some STRONG fingers, alot of patience, and the will to get the job done. First, let me know if you have gained access to the inner clamp and are ready to proceed.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK, so we got the top panel off and just like you said, the #14 clamp is broken. So per your suggestion we want to look and see if anything is broken underneath. How will we know if something has been broken, like pump, etc.?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi again,
Also was wondering where to buy the tub support spring if you know.
You mean the spring not the clamp, right? Thats #14 and it along the one on the other side hold the tub up.
The easiest way to do this will be to get the part first, part #134362800 and a WHOPPING $5.65 from Sears, maybe cheaper from your local appliance parts dealer. Then, locate the hole on the center/upper part of the tub where the spring connects, connect it, lift the whole tub assembly (Its very heavy!!!) back up and hook the other end of the spring into the frame. Now the machine is basically fixed, but you need to look for further damage below so , on this machine, since there is no lower-front access panel like there used to be, remove the screws from the rear access panel and look at the shocks to make sure they are connected securely to both the floor pan and the bottom of the tub. From this perspective, the pump will be harder to see but you can see it all the same and watch it as you run a cycle to make sure its not leaking. The only other concern down there is the motor controller (MCU) which if damaged, will keep the motor from running so its pretty obvious if theres damage there. Check ALL wires that you have access to for breaks in the insulation and repair as needed. Watch the cycle for awhile and make sure there are no leaks or other obvious problems, being careful of the moving drive pulley. If all looks ok, then all IS ok and you can put the panel back on and thats it!
The other way to check without buying the part first is to have a strong person that you trust hold the entire tub assembly up where it should be while you do the same thing I just described. All of this is easier from the front but in the infinite wisdom of the Frigidaire Corp, there is no more front access to the machine that can be opened WHILE the machine operates, so taking the entire front panel off which is what you now have to do for front access is pointless except for a cursory, non operational inspection.
Sorry, I was typing the last response when you asked about where to buy. FOr this one, I would have to reccomend Sears, which i do not do very often because they have it listed for $5.65 and the other suppliers (including my own wholsale ones here in Seattle!!!) are listing it for anywhere between $9.00 and 22.00 !!!! Sears being the cheapest is VERY rare, but it is what it is.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi there,
Sorry for not accepting yet, but I ordered part from Sears, had it overnights, but since it was friday, I won't get it until today sometime. I wasn't sure if I could still talk with you after I accepted, so that's why I kept it open.
No problem. Im not trying to force acceptance, and you can accept any time you want. Even after acceptance, you and i can still correspond through this dialog without further payment from you. I was just doing some administrative housekeeping with my questions/answers and your question was still listed as "Not Yet Accepted" so I used Just Answer's tool to send automated reminders. No rush and good luck! :)
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Sears finally delivered the part just now. As luck would have it, the spring that is broken is the left side as you're facing the machine and so it is underneath the stuff where the detergent, etc. goes. He can't get our hands in there and raise the tub high enough because of all the mechanical components in the way. Can we take those off or we were wondering if it would hurt the machine to lay it on its side, so the we can move the tub sideways versus upwards.
I know exactly what youre dealing with! This is another one of the things Frigidaire changed with this new design- the left spring is now much harder to get hoked onto the frame because of the dispenser assembly. I have busted MANY of my knuckles doing these because as crazy as it sounds, I do them by myself Yell. I personally have ALWAYS done it with the machine upright, turned my hand around 180 degrees, hooked the spring into the tub then lifted and manhandled it in. Thats MY way and is not very ergonomic at all!! Some people DO lay the machine on its BACK, not its side to make it easier to manipulate the heavy tub assembly. You MUST be careful as you transition the machine back though, since there is no support from thespring in this configuration AND you do put a little un natural strain on the shocks if you lay it on its back OR front---BE GENTLE WITH THE TRANSITION FROM UPRIGHT. it sounds like you have a helper which is good so have them hold the tub as you gently transition it backwards. Now that I think about it, since its the left spring, you COULD lay it on its left side, allowing the RIGHT spring to kind of hold the tub in place but MAKE SURE IT DOESNT CONTACT THE PLASTIC DISPENSER because taht can easily crack and if it does, it WILL leak water !! You can also remove the dispenser as a last resort but I dont believe it should come to that but every tech and every person is different. Also make sure that you hook the new spring up the same way the other one is, you will notice they have slightly different curves on the hook. make SURE the plastic bushing is connected to the hook or you can look forward to doing this job again in the near future.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We finally got the spring on. We had to tie a rope to the spring and pull it up and hook it that way. The rubber boot went back in place. We haven't checked underneath for damage or run it yet, but we will do that tonight. We are so grateful for your help. You are absolutely the best and I will definitely ask for you if I have a problem in the future. You saved us a ton of money, I'm sure.
Thank you VERY much for the kind words and the bonus! They are VERY MUCH appreciated! I am glad we got this machine back to functionality once again! The rope idea is a great idea and its funny because I had a dream awhile ago about designing some kind of portable, lightweight, collapsible cherry picker/crane to make this job easier for 1 person to accomplish. Maybe someday... At any rate, it sounds like you did not have to worry about that dreaded inner boot clamp after all and that is a big relief so as long as you find no leaks or broken parts at the bottom or at the dispenser when you test run the machine, your good to go! It has been my pleasure working with you and thanks again!