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LG front load dryer check filter light is flashing

Customer Question

I have an LG front load dryer. The check filter light is flashing, even though the filter is clean and it is not heating. The dryer runs but does not heat. What does this mean?? Is there another filter somewhere other than in the front that would need to be checked.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  I.can replied 7 years ago.


You may have a clogged vent line.
Which will cause the check filter light to go on sometimes.
If the air is not getting out the vent and is blocked the sensor thinks the filter is clogged.
And you will not get heat either.
Check that the flexible vent line behind the dryer is not kinked or crushed.
A simple way to check if the vent line leading out from the dryer to the out side of the house is clogged is to remove the vent line from the rear of the dryer.
If the dryer gets hot when the vent line is removed, then the clog is between there and the outside vent door.
sometimes the little door outside the house gets stuck closed due to lint build up.
Or anything can be in the vent going into wall too.

If the vent removal does not help the dryer get hot, then you know the problem is an internal problem inside your dryer.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So if the air is coming out of the vent at the back of the house, wouldn't that mean that there is not a clog?
Expert:  I.can replied 7 years ago.
That means it is not completely blocked.

But until you remove the vent line from the rear of the dryer and see if the dryer will then get hot, you can not be sure that there is not a partial restriction which may be enough to cause both the cool air and the filter light on some dryers.
this is what we do first and then we know if it is an internal malfunction or an external one.
Some times even we are surprised to find on occasion that only a partially restricted vent line triggers the filter light.

If it were just the filter light and you still got heat, Then I would have to go with defective light sensor.
But so far it does not appear this way yet!
Let me know the results of this test