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I.can, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Hi. I have had an Asko Quattro W6222 for about a year now.

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Hi. I have had an Asko Quattro W6222 for about a year now. Just lately, the door does not open automatically after a wash. I have given it a good wash down around the door inside and out, and the gathering dust on internal 'ledge'. Is there some simple routine or maintenance issue I can perform to try to fix this? The door opens when button is pressed (for a few seconds) to open, just won't do it at the end of a cycle. This started after one load of clothes where they did not spin dry. I pressed 'spin', and it opened afterwards that time, but has failed to open after every wash (about 10) since. I usually wash on a quick cycle - cold for everyday clothes, and 30-40 degrees for the men's dirty work clothes. They're forestry contractors, so yes, clothes are dusty, dirty, sappy, oily, greasy, etc. The Asko always cleans beautifully.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
How long does it take to open the door when it will not open?
And how do you get is open?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I can open the door manually, the same as when you stop the cycle to add/adjust load - I just hold down the door open (key symbol) for 3 seconds, and it opens. I tried another rinse cycle yesterday, and a separate spin cycle, and it still did not open automatically at the end of either cycle. I'm on (very soft water) rainwater tanks, so I'm not going to try it out on all lengthy cycles if I don't have to.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I'm sorry there's not much more detail to give. The mashine is washing normally and spinning normally. The only trouble I have is if I put a little too much detergent in and the load gets too soapy - eg: towels. Towels for some reason need only half the usual dose. I found that out very early. I understand how this affects the spinning, but don't believe it should affect the latch.

I will try to open the little hatch down the bottom (for blackouts) and see if that resets something.

Hiya mango,

The problem sounds like a broken or loose wire or connection to the auto door solenoid circuit.

The solenoid is most likely okay due to the fact that the button opens the door manually.

I see you mentioned the" to much soap factor".

Remember your washer is a front loader which is a high efficiency washer or ( HE)
You are supposed to be using HE detergent in these washers .
It actually says "HE" on the detergent bottle, and you are supposed to use much less detergent with this unit.

If you do not follow this method and use to much detergent in these units, the tub seal and bearing will corrode in a couple of years and cause your clothing to get stained brown from the grease leakage.
Plus this is an expensive repair.


Hi Ya Mango,

Open the microwave door & use a thin bladed putty knife to carefully pry out the door choke #11.You will now have access to the hinge screws.When we do a door removal on any microwave we are sure to have the microwave RF leak checked with a microwave survey meter.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks I.can. I presume this solenoid curcuit wire will need to be fixed by an expert. My husband has experience with solenoids in machinery, but trying to pin him down is another thing. Don't worry about ther detergent - I learned after my first wash to only use low sudsing Front Loader detergent.
Thank You XXXXX

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