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We have a Sears 800 top-load washer that we got in March, 2008.

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We have a Sears 800 top-load washer that we got in March, 2008. It has worked fine until this evening. It stopped in the middle of the spin cycle and would not re-start for anything my wife tried. I checked the circuit breaker, etc., fiddled with a knob or two and restarted it on a wash cycle. It then went for two more loads of wash. These are small loads, about 1/2 or less of capacity. Serial number CU4640248, type 111-01.
Then later in the PM today on the third load it stopped again. I have checked all the same items as above but this time no matter what I try it is a "dead duck" with no type of indication of any kind, just water and wet clothes in the tub. Trying to start the machine in any part of any of the available cycles has no impact.
Before my wife goes for the Kenmore salesman with true hatred, what are my options for a local fix?
If I had to guess I would bet on the LID SWITCH being or going bad. This switch will prevent the machine from working. Please give me the model number for the unit. It will begin with 110._______ and is located either under the lid or on the lower left corner of the front.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The Type is a 111-01. Is that the number you are after? It was on the same plate as the serial number and was located in the upper and inner ring of the tub just under the rear lip of the lid.

There should be a number beginning with 110. then several numbers following.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Russ, the machine is running right now and the last thing I feel comfortable doing is turning it off in some manner. The only numbers I was able to get were the Type and the Serial # XXXXX far. The others must be located on the back or bottom and I will have to pull out the machine when it is finished cycling to get that information. I will send you the information in about 10-15 minutes when this wash cycle finishes. Please send me back a request for information so I can have a means of sending you the information when I get it.



WHOA! If it is running now, my theory is gone. I suspect the motor is bad and going out on a thermal overload and when the motor cools it resets. This can happen if the motor is defective or covered in lint etc. There is really no way for the homeowner to determine this with certainty. SORRY
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So if I'm basically out of the loop in terms of diagnosis, that leaves with a two-choice question: Should I call the Kenmore man tomorrow to come look at it even though it may run fine when he arrives or do I wait for it to truly "crap-out" and then call them when it won't re-start at any point later in the evening. Trust me, the second one is a rough one for my better half to swallow and the first answer has the potential for a wasted call. This is a rock-hard place question....

Having been the Sears guy for 28 years, here is what you do. ONE, go to the store, don not call, ask to speak with the appliance manager, if he is not there, go to the manager. Explain how dissastisfied you are and kindly explain "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK" and what you feel that means!

They should see things your way and take care of the repair! If that don't work completely, they may split the repair with you. GOOD LUCK

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

OK, sounds like a plan. I will work out with them when to have a repairman come over. As new as this equipment as I can't see why it is having thes issues. But, that's just me. The washer is in a dry and ventilated position, etc. and only sees smaller loads (two of us). We got the big size to be able to handle blankets as needed.


Thanks for the help. This is my first time with the service and the best part other than your knowledge is the speed of your replies.



This is something that happens occasionally and I agree should not happen!