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I have a Maytag MFi2266AEB refrigerator. After replacing the

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I have a Maytag MFi2266AEB refrigerator. After replacing the water filter, the water and ice dispensers have stopped working. There is not Lock/Unlock button like on other Maytag models. I followed the instructions to clear the filter indicator light, but it still won't dispense.

is this not making ice and not dispensing water is that right? or is this making ice but not dispensing it through the door?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it is not making ice or dispensing water. i was in the middle of purging the water as directing in the manual after replacing the filter when it all of a sudden stopped dispensing and the entire control panel locked up. None of the buttons on the control panel function, including the temperature set button, light button, humidity control, etc.
you probably have a blown control board. Part(NNN) NNN-NNNN width=these go all the time, its probably just dumb luck that it happened while purging the system, sometimes holding the water dispenser in for a while can overheat these boards. causing them to burn out. does the board lite up at all? let me know, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
wow....that's unbelievable. seeing as though i just had it delivered today. i purchased it at Lowe's on Friday as the last one they had in stock. It's unfortunate that I paid a good deal of $$ for it. I have an extended warranty on it but that doesn't matter because it's still under factory warranty. Maytag didn't have a clue as to what to do when i was on the phone with them for over 45min. today and it's frustrating. I'm in the military and now due to my schedule i can't have them come out until next tuesday. i'm going to try and get a refund on the fridge, it's ridiculous
I don't blame you, Maytag is no longer in business actually Whirlpool bought them out because they went bankrupt and guess why, because of all the electronics they had in their machines were failing and the class action lawsuit ruined them. make Lowes replace it, if this was new why did you have to replace the filter already? anyway I would probably go with a whirlpool refrigerator as a replacement because they still haven't figured out all the bugs in the Maytag units yet. well wishes, and be safe, thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I spoke with a rep from Lowe's already today. I have to call tomorrow to speak with the woman that sold it to me, she is the head of the department. So far it sounds like they are willing to work with me. I had to replace the filter because the fridge didn't come with one. Imagine that? I had to pay $40 for a replacement one so that I could have the water filtered. Sounds like I wasted my $$. I will definitely take your advice and look at a Whirlpool. All of the info that you provided was really helpful. What is your opiniion on Samsung fridges? I bought this particular Maytag because it was the size I needed...I have an 88yr old house with small doorways and for the space anything larger than the 21.8cu ft capacity wouldn't fit the space. Anyways, I went to Lowe's and looked at some other fridges and it looks like a 25 cu ft fridge will indeed fit in the space. I hope Lowe's doesn't give me a hard time.
well funny you should ask about the samsung refrigerators, alot of samsungs are built by maytag!! imagine that. well I realy wish you good luck, Lowes is prety good about things like that , they will work with you, thanks,Bryan