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My daughter has a two year old amana dryer, with the four prong

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My daughter has a two year old amana dryer, with the four prong cord. She just moved to a older rental home and the outlet is 3 wire. How do I change the cord to fit the 3 wire outlet. Also her matching washer works feat in the wash cycle but, will not spin. I looked uner to washer and the silver itme above the tranmission was extremely hot to touch. The washer hasn't been used in six months.
hi this is Bryan, first off go to lowes and get a three prong dryer cord, this cord will by flat with three conectors on the end. the tw outside conectors go on the two outside posts on the dryer and the middle one goes in the middle post. threr should be a copper strap on the middle post the connects to the dryer body. there should be a scre right under the middle post to connect this to. it may already be connected already though, as far as the washer goes I'm guesing its a whirlpool,kenmore,style washer, you need to replace the clutch on this i believe, Clutch assembly part # XXXXX $32.37 - Click Image to Closethis comes with instuctions you can purchase this @ for around $33.00, thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


I replaced the clutch this last weekend works fine now, we have spin. Just for your info. I think part of the problem was it had been sitting for six months. When I got it all apart, the brake shoes seemed to be stuck/rusted to the side of the housing. So took the brake assembly a part and cleaned (WD40) the housing. That might have been the real problem, cause they (brake shoes) were stuck pretty good to the side of the housing. But the clutch was pretty nasty too. Again Thanks for your help.



I'm glad to hear you have everything working now, the brake being stuck is a problem with them if they sit for awhile. now your an expert ! you should sign up to answer questions, well wishes and thanks,Bryan