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We have a GE profile TFX28PB. It is a side by side with ice

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We have a GE profile TFX28PB. It is a side by side with ice maker/water filter on the door. Quite a long time ago the door stopped dispersing water. No big deal. Then a few months ago water leaked inside the freezer, so much so that a cap of ice about 2-5 inches thick (it sloped up) formed at the bottom of the freezer. Then, two days ago, the freezer stopped making ice and just yesterday, the refridgerator stopped cooling. We've never done anything other than change the filter.
well the water in the door is going to be your water solenoid on the back of the refrigerator that has failed if the icemaker was still working.

If the icemaker stopped working just a few days ago then chances are it's related to the no cooling issue now because the icemaker will not advance if it's above 10 degrees in the freezer yes that will still be enough to freeze food.

The ice build up at the bottom is because your drain line has frozen for your defrost drain--

So now lets figure out why your unit isn't cooling.

Is there ice at the bottom in your freezer at all? If you open the freezer door do you hear a fan running inside?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, I hear the fan inside the freezer when i open the door and there is ice build up (about 2 inches) at the bottom of the freezer.

To be clear, there are 4 separate problems:

1 - the door has no water

2 - the ice maker stopped making ice

3 - there is ice built up on floor of freezer

4 - most importantly: the refrigerator side is not cooling (the freezer is still freezing)

Please let me know what I do about the "water solenoid" and how I defrost my drain line?

Thank you!
1. replace your water solenoid, this is the part that your house water line connects to on the back of your refrigeratore.

2. This is not a seperate problem, the problem is your freezer is not cold enough so it's not making ice anymore.

3 and 4. If you have ice build up on the floor still then this could be the cause of all your problems. You may have let this go too long. You need to thaw all the ice out and remove all the shelves. Then pull the bottom back panel off inside the freezer. If you see frost build up here you need to defrost it with a hair dryer because the water has built up and is causing humidity blocking the vent passages somewhere in your freezer so air is not circulation well in the freezer and the refrigerator is not cooling anymore. Once you thaw all the ice and frost out, at the bottom behind the panel there is a drain hole, you will need to snake this out with something and clear it so that it can drain again and you don't run in to the same problem.
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