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I have a sharp model Number R-1491 microwave that seems to

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I have a sharp model Number R-1491 microwave that seems to have lost all power. The primary breaker for this appliance has not tripped. Do you have any recommendations to correct this problem? For some time, the work light and the night light had been uresponsive to depression of the corresponding panel switches and remained permanently on. Yesterday, my wife went to enter a time to cook and all power seems to have been removed.
you may have more problem but i believe the fuse just behind the control panel has blown out ,, remove the grill across the top and take the screw out at top of the control panel and drop down and replace the fuse ,,, unplug the microwave before working on it ,,,you can take it to a hardware store and get one ,,, if this dont work you will have to pull the microwave and remove the cabinet and replace the temp fuse part number 502110 and you can get it at a local appliance parts dealer or online at / thanks
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