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My water heater is somehow tripping the breaker, but when i

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My water heater is somehow tripping the breaker, when i flip the breaker back it on the water heater will turn back on, but only for a little while before the breaker flips again. What gives?
one of the two elements are bad and most likely its the top one ,, it burnt out and shorting out ,, take the model number from the side of the tank and to a plumbing supply dealer and get one and replace it ,,, you will need to drain the tank to swap out the element / thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
where is this element located in the water heater and is it easy to change? also, how do i drain the water out?
it will be inside the panel on the side of the tank and has two screws holding the panel on ,,, be sure to kill the power to the water heater before getting into it and you can screw it out with a socket they sell at a plumbing supply dealer when you get the element and to drain the tank you will cut the water off at the tank and hook up a garden hose to the falset at the bottom of the tank and open ,, then at top of tank you will pull down on the tp valve to allow air into the tank so water will run out the hose
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
will i be able to tell just by looking at the element if its bad or not? and why does the water heater stay on sometime if the element is bad? shouldnt it just short out all the time?
you have two elements in the water heater and the lower comes on first and then later the upper and thats when it kicks out ,,,, sometime you can tell just by looking and other times you have to ohm it out against the tank
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
there is only one panel that i have access to and there are not any elements in there, just wires put together with wire nuts, do i have to take off the entire top part of the heater to get to these elements
are you looking on the side of the water heater
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes, on the side of the water heater there are two panels which each have a set of dials in them going from warm to extremely hot and a little red reset button on top of those dials. underneath the dials there is a little box that has wires running to it, but nothing resembling an element or at least what i think an element looks like
the elements fits screws into the tank and all you will see is a thing with two wires on it
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok i think i figured out what you meant. the two things that i think are the elements have two wires running to them and look like they are screwed in with something i would need an ajustable wrench or special socket to get out. the element on the top panel looks really good, while the one at the bottom looks older and the point of contact with the metal and wires is a little black, does that mean its bad? also, i pulled the a lever on the side that makes water come out of the bottom of it but its a very slow stream, does that not stop until the entire tank is empty?
it ill drain till the tank is empty and the elements isnt high so i would replace both since your going to have the tank drained ,, they sell the cheap socket at the plumbing supply dealer and you can get the elements and socket at same time ,,, take the model number with you / thanks
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