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Hi, I Have an Amana portable AC unit model APO76E. The question

Resolved Question:


I Have an Amana portable AC unit model APO76E. The question I have is does the unit alos cool when it is set on dehumidify or is it just taking moisture out of the air?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Chas replied 8 years ago.
no the unit will not cool when only in the dehumidfy selection, however in the cool mode it will also dehumidfy if you drain it to the outside the home instead of evaperotate back into the home bringing the mositure level back up...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The manual says under the dehumidify section: Air is dehumidified as it passes through the unit, without being in full cooling mode. This leeads me to believe it is also coooling but not as much.
Expert:  Chas replied 8 years ago.
Yes the evaperator has to chill to make condensation then drip out, this is the job of the reversering valves in the unit. The cooling you are feeling would not be eneough to cool a bathroom though as it is very low power, just eneough to take moisture out of the air...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So if I understand you correctly the unit is cooling during the dehumidification process but it operates at a very low rate of cooling. One more question for you. Does the temperature control affect the temperature during this process, I can still move it up and down and it seems to be affecting the temperature also.
Expert:  Chas replied 8 years ago.
I was just talking to another expert about this and he has just worked one of these last week, and you have to have the vent off during dehumidfing according to AMANA, and it will cool then also...the way they put it together on this particular yes it will affect the temperature also...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
But if I disconnect the vent from the window to exhaust the heat the unit is getting rid of, the unit will be putting exhaust heat into the romm and thus will not cool.. It appears as though the unit is colling as well as dehumidifying when on the dehumidify cycle because the temperature is not going up but the humidity seems to be going down. In fact I had to raise the temperature setting because it was getting the room to cool.
Expert:  Chas replied 8 years ago.
the reason for disonnecting the vent is to keep the temps from going down and keeping it in the same range of temps in the room by putting hot air back into the room...
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