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model LAT8214AAE Maytag Washer. I have a blown fuse in (I

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model LAT8214AAE Maytag Washer.
I have a blown fuse in (I think ) the lid switch assembly.
When I look at parts online - It seems I can only buy the entire assembly with the fuse included. Now I wonder if I should buy the whole thing and try to put it in. OR take the fuse to radio shack and see if they can match he fuse.

The fact that the parts stores online only sell the assembly makes me wonder if when the fuse blows - the assembly is also bad.



Hello Bill.


I will tell you that from personal experience, replacing the fuse alone will not work for more than 1 to 2 loads if that. The fuse usually pops when the switch itself becomes older and starts to fail or arc. This will cause any new fuse you put in to fail and it will wind up costing more money in the long run. I hope this is the information you were wanting.

Install the unit with the lid close. push it til it clicks and the let of just a little. Tighten the switch in place. Open the lid. The switch should click with the lid up about 3 inches. This is the perfect setting.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have another problem. I replaced the assembly as described above. Now the washer only allows cold water in. When I switch the selector to HOT, the water shuts off & stops filling the washer. The water that comes in on the WARM setting is cold. I am guessing there is an electrical answer to this problem.



Hey Bill.


You probably knocked one of the wires off of the water valve. You will need to pull the top back off and look at the valve and reattach the wire that is loose. I will be at Sea World for most of the day buy I will be able to answer any other questions later.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have taken the front, top, and sides off in order to inspect all the electrical connections. Took several connections apart and cleaned them with sand paper. Tested the water temp switch with a continuity tester and it seems to work ok. Took the back off of the washer to see if any of the other wire ends were loose. Cleaned a few of them but all seems tight. I bought one of those 'Y' shaped hose connectors and I now have warm water (hot+cold) coming into the washer through the cold inlet so we can try to catch up on laundry. The washer is running fine. Could the thing that actually switches the water on/off - I am guessing it is a selenoid (sp?)- could it be bad?

I have replaced the filling hoses - just in case the hot water hose was blocked somehow.   
It sounds like the solenoid(where you hook the hoses to) is bad on the hot side only. You can order part number 22001274 and replace it. This should remedy your problem.