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GE Model # XXXXX CC Side by Side Our refrigerator is

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GE Model # XXXXX CC Side by Side

Our refrigerator is 7 years old. The freezer works fine except for every month or two it warms up enough until everything inside is melted and then it restarts. The whole process could be measured in hours not days. The door seals are fine and appear not to be the problem. I'm hearing it could be the defrost element, timer or thermostat. If so how would I determine which one it is? Is this a common problem with this model and can it be easily diagnosed and repaired since it's intermittent?

I'm not sure if this is related or not to the freezer problem but sometimes we find frozen food in the back of the fresh food side of the refrigerator
I believe you need to replace the main control board in this from the symtoms your telling me, I'll get that info to you shortly, thanks Bryan
this is your control board, Main Control Board part# XXXXX $ 113.12 - Click Image to Close you can get this @ its located in the back of the refrigerator behind a panel on the right side looking from the back, change this and you should be all set, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Bryan,

Sorry I'm a little late getting back to you. I put the question in last night and went to bed not expecting an answer as quickly as you gave it. Thank you. XXXXX accept your answer and purchase the part could you please give me a little more info on why you feel this part is the problem? For other online posts I've seen that have described the same type of problem the solutions always seemed to be the defrost heater, timer, or thermostat, granted, the other posts are not the same manufacturer or model as mine. I would just like to understand why it's the control board and not one of these other parts.

Thanks again,



sorry Ralph I had to work, ok we havnt really gone into it yet so lets go over a few things, 1 is there any frost on the back panel inside the freezer? if not its not going to be a defrost heater. 2 you said this sometimes freezes things in the refrigerator section , a bad defrost heater wouldnt cause this. 3 we do allot of these and we never need to replace the thermostat if anything you may have bad temp. sensors in this but usually these being bad will cuase the freezer to freeze up and not defrost correctly. these are the sensors, Part 9140933 233 on this diagram, there is also one in the fresh food section that may be bad. its behind this cover in the refrigerator. you may want to try changing all the sensors in this first since its the cheaper out of the two. about $13.00 each, but if that dosent work you will need a board. hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


There is no frost anywhere inside the freezer so I assume the defrost heater is working. Can I assume the temperature sensor in the freezer is ok and the one in the fresh food section may be bad and the cause of the food freezing in that section, which is unrelated to the freezer problem? Last question, if the heater is working and a bad sensor in the freezer would cause an opposite problem of what I have are you figuring the control board has some type of intermittent problem and have you seen this scenario before? I'm leaning towards changing the board and the sensor in the fresh food section. I have to run out to do an errand and will reply when I get back.

Thanks for your patience,


yes the control board may be an intermitin problem and i have seen this before,G.E has re disigned this board 5 times since they made this. If you could try the sensor first and if it happens again then change the board.its one or the other because its freezing in the fresh food section so that tells me the damper is opening up and letting more cold air in because its sensing that its not cold enough in the fresh food section. the only thing that controls the damper (vent) is the sensor and the board. let me know thanks,Bryan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thanks for the help. I'll take your advice and change the fresh food sensor or maybe even both and will probably change the board also since as you stated earlier my freezer intermittently going warm and the food occasionally freezing in the fresh food section are probably unrelated. To me its worth it to avoid the freezer dance we have to do everytime the freezer decides to take a break and my wife asking me "so when are you going to fix this"!!

I will send the "Accept" right after I send this Reply.


Again thanks for your help and patience.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.


I'm not sure if I have to pay again or not but if not where would I find the insructions to change the temperature sensors in my refrigerator?




no you dont have to pay me again, here are some diagrams, click here, usually the sensor in the fresh food section is behind the little vent cover pictured above, and this is usually on the left side inside the fresh food section. hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok thanks again.
your welcome, good luck , I hope thats all it is, thanks Bryan