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Have an Ice2o side-by-side w/bottom freezer, about 2 years

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Have an Ice2o side-by-side w/bottom freezer, about 2 years old. Have just noticed water dripping from the front feet (none behind unit). Pulled freezer drawer out and saw a glacier forming under the drawer; it had finally reached the front and was slowly melting as it got to the seal. Appears to be coming from the panel in the back of the freezer compartment. I broke the ice up and removed it; next day a new puddle is forming under the drawer again. Defrost, maybe? Is there a crimped hose or drain causing this?
you have a clogged defrost drain tube in this. behind the rear panel inside the freezer section you will find the evaporator coils, underneath these coils in the middle there is a drain hole. you will need to defrost this with a hair dryer and possibly get a turkey baster and some really hot water and run it down the hole until its drains freely. be careful of the hot water and also don't chip away at the ice with anything because you can punch a hole in the coils and then you would have ruined the refrigerator, be patient it will clear, hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Once I clear this drain tube, seems like it'll re-freeze (unless the clog is due to debris). Is there likely a heat trace gone bad that I should be looking at once I get this panel off?
well this is a bad design if you want my opinion, there may be a wire strap attached to the defrost heater but probably not, they dont work anyway. there may be something in the tube, what I usually do is get a piece of 1/4 inch plastic tube like the one connecting the ice maker and I work it down the drain and make sure its not clogged by something, this tubing is stiff yet flexable and you can work it through the drain tube, there realy isnt anything else you can do. this may happen again in the future but at least you know what to do now, hope this helps, thanks,Bryan
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