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I have a small upright Frigidaire freezer. Somehow it defrosted

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I have a small upright Frigidaire freezer. Somehow it defrosted - power failure, somebody left door open? - and a huge quanity of meat spoiled.   Juice drained down through floor onto basement floor.

Is there a tray underneath that can be removed for cleaning? I've cleaned the inside of the freezer but I'm concerned about the rest of the area.


can you get me the model #? thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
FFU09K0DW FFU0912DW Type 8 7.5-9.4 cu. ft.
ok well the diagrams show it has a drain tube but doesnt show a pan, I dont believe this is a self defrosting unit which means no drain pan, hope this helps thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No, it's not self-defrosting - but where does the liquid go when it goes throug the drain hole on its way to the basement floor? Does this mean there's no way to completely clean it - or am I supposed to turn the freezer upside down to see what needs to be done?

In other words, do I have to ditch the freezer and buy a new one?

Thanks -
well the problem is there isnt really a drain pan in this. heres the diagrams,!retrieve.pd?pop=true&modelNumber=FFU09K0DW0 the only place it shows there may be a pan is on top of the compressor where there is a screw that usually holds a drain pan in some cases but doesnt show one on your model. dont turn the freezer upside down. if there is a pan it will be in the back underneath and you will need to push a piece of wire down the drain hole and see where it comes out the diagrams dont show one but there still could be one , this is an old unit and the diagrams are not to good on this. the other way to see if theres a pan is to pour a little water down the drain and see where it comes out. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Okay, Bryan, thanks. Doesn't sound too promising since I didn't find this problem till the meat had started to spoil - and of course the juice that's been cruising through the drain tube was spoiled too. I doubt that I can really clean this satisfactorily to keep using it.

Is there a reasonably priced self-defrosting model? This one isn't opened often so doesn't accumulate much ice at all - but I sure would like the drip pan in case of a future disaster like this one.

sure there are small upright freezers that are afordable at lowes, they run around $300.00 but if you go down the scratch and dent isle (usually toward the back of appliance section) you can sometimes get a deal on one with a scratch or dent in it, just ask the sales person where they keep the scratch and dent appliances, your probably right about not getting this clean and sometimes the spoiled meat smell gets down behind the back panel and on the coils and you can never get rid of it completly, well wishes and thanks, Bryan
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