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what does the 0E fault code mean in a LG front load washer.

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what does the "0E" fault code mean in a LG front load washer. I need to know what part needs to be replaced because I keep unpluging it to clear it. I get one load washed and then it happens again. I cleaned out the drain pump so nothing is stuck in there. But I already know that fault code has something to do with this thing not draining which is the problem BTW. Model:WM1815CS
SER: 602KWBY02213

Please let me know what part needs to be replaced.
The OE code on an LG washer is a long drain code. It is saying that it has not drained within ten minutes.
You will need to check the door on the lower left hand side and clean out the filter. If the filter has nothing in it, you will need to replace the pump.
If you do need the pump let me know and I will get the part number and the breakdown for you.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So it probably has nothing to to do with a bad board because it keeps needing to be reset when I unplug it to erase the code. And it probably has nothin to do with a door latch either? It just seems odd that its the pump because after its cleared it will work for one cycle only and then not drain again. If u still think its the pump send me the part #. I actually removed the pump there was some sand in there I removed it did a full wash cycle workede one time then same thing OE fault code.
<p>The actual pump is bad then. That is your only option if the filter was clean. The LG part number for the pump is 4681EA2001D. It will be the one that is attached to the drain hose because the other is a recirculation pump(but they look the same). You can get it at and log in as a guest.