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I cleaned my lower Maytag Gemni oven and now I have a F9-2

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I cleaned my lower Maytag Gemni oven and now I have a F9-2 code that will not clean even with unplugging. Is ther any way to reset this?
you have a problem with the door latch assembly, heres the code ,
F9:-2Latch, Unlock Upper Check for obstruction in door lock mechanism
this code refers to the upper door latch, even though you cleaned the lower oven, heres a link to all the codes. you can check this yourself if you wish, you need to check the latch assembly, hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Could you direct me to a site with a parts diagraham so I could see how to get to the latch assembly in order to check it? And, should I be checking the top latch or the bottom latch, or both?

Yesterday we cleaned the top oven and afterwards the top oven opened as it was supposed to. Our current problem happened after we cleaned the bottom oven.

We have tried the un-plug solution which has not worked.


can you get me the model #? I will look that up for you. thanks,Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
heres a link to all the diagrams for your oven. I would check both of the latch assemblys and the microswitches on them. make sure the latch assemblys are back in the full ulocked possition and that none of the switches on them are stuck in. you can see the switches in this picture, Part 704534hope this helps, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks. XXXXX need to take the back panels off to get to the switches? It looks like the latches themselves are in the front of the unit and the switches are in the back.

If I take the front bottom panel (#10) off and the screws (#1,2) off each side of one or both of the doors, will that give me access to the catches themselves? Since both doors are locked at the top and hinged at the bottom, does that mean that the only access will be from the back?

I believe only the bottom door latch assembly is in the back of oven. I think the top one is under the glass top.I would take the back off and see if both are in the back, then if not see if theres access from the front between the two ovens to get to the upper latch. without being there its hard for me to tell. I need to go out but will be back later, let me know how you do, thanks ,Bryan
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