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I have an energy efficient washer and dryer in my apartment.

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I have an energy efficient washer and dryer in my apartment. I've been having problems with the dryer actually drying. I know which detergent and fabric softener to use, and have been using the right ones. The filter is brand new, and never collects lint (also a problem as I have cats, and would like the dryer to de-lint my clothes!).

The washer practically drys the clothes, but when i put them in the dryer, they come out almost the same wetness after one cycle on "high". I usually have to dry them on high 3 times, which they end up drier, but still very wrinkled, and not de-linted.

I've had the maintenance people come out from my apartment complex ,and they measured the temp of the dryer at 175 deg. Is that the correct temp to dry clothes thoroughly? Please help!
The temps are pretty good, however if you do not have a clear vent to the outside the moisture cannot escape and dry your clothes. You must have a clear unobstructed vent to the outside of your home, and the run should not be longer than 10 feet to the outside. If you can push the moisture to the outside then the clothes should dry quickly.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The vent looks like it's on the front of the dryer. When it's running, i can feel warm air escape from it, but there's not alot of air...I feel like there should prob be more if that's it's only vent. Its an ASKO T702C Butterfly Drying machine, are you familiar with this machine?

It has been a couple of years since I worked on one of these, however, it is usually that there is not eneough fresh air coming through the unit to allow it to dry properly. THis is out of the owners manual for your machine...


Drying takes too long

  • Check that the lint filter and the condenser are not blocked. Prolonged drying times may also be due to the tumble dryer being located in a confined space or room that is too small, causing the air to

become too hot.

  • Make sure that the tumble dryer has access to more cold air, by opening doors and/or windows, for example.

The laundry does not dry, or is too


  • The door has been opened while the program is running, which disrupts the moisture monitoring function.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is located in a small alcove of the kitchen, about 30 feet from the front door, so there is really no fresh air that comes into it. I'll consult my maintenance crew to see if there is a better setup. Thanks!!