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My Kenmore 70 series heavy duty washer leaks (a lot!) while

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My Kenmore 70 series heavy duty washer leaks (a lot!) while filling

may I have you model number to assist you better?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Model # XXXXX

is this leaking in from the front in the center of washer when it has water in it ?

or does it seem to leak from the rear in a Rinse cycle.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It leaks from underneath the machine as it is filling. It still fills completely, agitates, spins and empties. Then when it is refilling to rinse, it leaks from underneath (looking at it from the front)it fills completely, while leaking, then rinses, spins, and empties.

The only time it leaks is while filling, and it isn't from the hose fittings either from the machine or at the water source. If I look at the back of the machine while it is filling, that is "dry as a bone".

ok with unit empty grab a hold of the back of the unit and tilt washer forward to self level unit.

This can cause the water to splash over the top ring of inner basket and run on to floor

if that does not do it ,you will have the pump on the bottom front that is leaking .

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
How far forward do I tilt it? I'm a bit confused. Is the inner basket the part I put clothes in, or are you referring to a basket underneath somewhere? It does spin nicely and the clothes are fairly well "wrung out" after the final spin.

If it is the pump, should I pay again for instructions on how to replace it?

oh no need to pay again !!!

just lean it forward approx 1 foot and set back down '

Innerbasket is the basket that the clothes go into .


this is a link to the location of pump Well I was going to send it to you but sears is closed till 3:30CST for maintainance, just go to .click on parts put in your model number ,click on gearcase.pump ,motor page you will see the motor


to open cabinet you have two screws on console one on left one on right remove screws.

raise console up under consle you have two clips that hold cabinet in place, remove clips ,unplug lid sitch harness you cant miss it .

one clips off and wireharness off just lift cabinet free.

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