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We have a Kenmore Microwave Oven combo, 27 , model # XXXXX

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We have a Kenmore Microwave Oven combo, 27", model # XXXXX The oven is fine, but the microwave has stopped working and there's white tape that is visible in the micro door (seems to be between pieces of glass maybe). Is there a replacement microwave for this unit? Replacing the entire micro/oven combo unit is very expensive. Thanks!
Hello, I am here to assist you with your situation. First, is this a true oven microwave combo? What I mean do they share the same control panel?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes, all of the controls are on the right side of the micro door.

Well, we have 2 options. Yes you could find a replacement microwave which depending on age of the unit could be difficult especially since it is a Kenmore. Or, you could possibly fix the microwave. Even getting the door fixed. So, let me ask you, does the microwave turn on at all? I mean what is actually the problem with the microwave?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The microwave turns on and appears to be working, but food is cold after microwaving. No heat is being generated at all. The oven works fine. We are thinking that it does not make sense to spend much money repairing the microwave due to it's age, unless we could do it ourselves.
Well. to be honest, if you don't feel comfortable with working with the microwave I wouldn't attempt it. However I just replaced a magnetron for a customer with a combo unit like yours and I charged him $240. Now I'm not saying that is the problem but that tends to be one of the more expensive
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Your answer seems to stop in mid sentence. Is some of it missing?

OOPS!!!. I deleted something and I deleted to much. Anyways, your problem is 1 of 4 things. It's either the control board for the microwave, the magnetron, the high voltage transformer, or the high voltage capacitor. The magnetron tends to be the most expensive part. What I am saying is it may be hard to find a compatible microwave. I suggest you find a microwave repair technician and have him diagnose the problem. Unless you think you could repair it yourselves. JUST REMEMBER MICROWAVES CONTAIN EXTREMELY HIGH VOLTAGES AND ARE DANGEROUS TO WORK ON ESPECIALLY FOR NON-QUALIFIED PERSONNEL.
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