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The other night, I left oven on broil-high for about 30 min.

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The other night, I left oven on broil-high for about 30 min. with door closed. The clock stopped working then but control knobs worked until today. Do you think situation is repairable or need to be replaced. The control knobs are non-functioning and clock only comes on when a knob (any) is turned on. ...but goes off when control knob turns off.
I believe if you pull the oven out away from the wall and unplug it ,then pull the back cover off where the cord is connected you will find the cord burned where it connects to the stove, check that and let me know, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am 65-yr old female and cannot pull range out. It sounds like you think I did burn it out. If so, is that repairable or need to be replaced. It is a ceramic surface, a warming element, and 4 cooking elements. I would just like your opinion since I cannot repair myself. Technician or replace? Thank you. Maytag 30-inch wide free-standing.
no you dont need to replace the whole oven just the cord I believe, funny I had a customer call me last week for the same symtoms and i found the cord burned. i replace the cord and the block and it was fine, exact same symtoms as your the clock would come on when they tryed the burners and then off when they turn it off, its not expensive if you know someone that can help you do it. if not a technician shouldnt charge you more than $100.00 with the labor and all parts if he's honest, its worth repairing , hope this helps, thanks Bryan, p.s. if you get me the model # XXXXX can let you know how much the parts are. thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks so very much. That is just what I opinion. I will call technician. I am unable to locate model #.
your welcome , this should be your connection terminal block Part 704915and its only around $6.00 and the cords only around $14.00 total parts should only run you around $20.00 well wishes and please dont forget to press accept or I wont get paid for helping you. thanks Bryan