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I have a Whirlpool imperial series gas dryer 4 heat levels

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I have a Whirlpool imperial series gas dryer 4 heat levels including air only. It is not drying properly. It gets hot, cools off and gets hot again. takes 2 to 3 times longer to dry cloths. I suspect the thermostat(s) are weak and opening at a lower temp, but there is also the temp control switch, and the little control card that I dont think I can rule out. I do know that the thermostat is opening when it gets hot I can feel it click right before the flame goes out. If its the thermostat which one is it? There are 3 (two on the burner side, and One in the exhaust side.) The thermal fuses are ok. There are no blockages of lent or trash in the exhaust hose or the dryer it has all been dissambled and vacuumed. I can see no burnt wires. The temp control switch is not burnt looking and the resistor is intact. The little control card does not appear to have any crispy components either.   The burner is not rusty or deteroriated. Any help would be apperciated. Thank you
it sounds like the gas coil valves are shot, these are not expensive around $20.00 and should take care of your problem. this is typical gas coil setup, if you can get me the model # XXXXX'll look yours up. thanks BryanGas Dryer Guts
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The Dryer is model number LGN2000LW0 it also says Type: BWSR-NAT-1206006-CV22 If I replace this part and I still have a problem what do you think my next part to try is? Thanks Michael
well I would say if your vent is clear and not clogged it may be your high limit thermostat, Part 2926or the cycling thermostat. Part 904589here are some diagrams if you need them , click here these show you where everything is in this dryer, I believe though that I'm correct about the gas coils. heres where you can get them , hope this helps thanks Bryan
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