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Maytag fridge MSD2758GEW fridge side is not cooling; freezer

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Maytag fridge MSD2758GEW: fridge side is not cooling; freezer side is working. Tech just replaced relay per recall notice. Compressor is hot, fan is running.
well the relay that the technician replaced from the recall stops the freezer and refrigerator together, not one or the other. It stops the compressor from coming on if it goes bad. That being said I think this is just a coencidence.

You will want to pull everything out of your freezer and take the lower back panel off. What you are complaining about sounds like a common issue that this unit has. It sounds like your unit is not defrosting. If you remove the lower back panel inside your freezer you will probably see a lot of frost build up. You will want to use a hair dryer to thaw out all the frost behind this panel so that it will start working again.

If there is frost behind that panel then chances are your ADC or "adaptive defrost control" has shorted and will need to be replaced. This part is located inside the refrigerator in the upper back right hand corner behind all the control panel casings.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

OK. So the refrigerator not working is dictated by the ADC in the freezer compartment? The freezer did get left open a crack a few days ago and it frosted up pretty good.


ok well that in and of itself could be the problem because it will take a while for the unit to compensate for the extra moisture. It may not even need a new ADC. The ADC is in the refrigerator. But you will have to take the back panel off inside the bottom of the FREEZER and thaw it out.

The refrigerator just takes air from the freezer section and if there is frost build up then the fan cannot pull air through the frost and push it over to the refrigerator.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

OK. I just pulled one of the panels off the back of the freezer and there is major fost. I will use a hair dryer and see if it starts. If it does not, is there a way to check th ADC? What does the ADC look like?


there is no way to check the ADC. It will deffinately start working again, but it will take about 12 hours to cool the refrigerator side down. If the problem comes back it will be back in 30 days in which case you will have to replace the ADC.

Here is what the ADC looks like


If yours is an old ADC it won't have a white plastic case around it but it will still look like a 3" X 4" circuit board.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you! Based on what you tol me and what I saw, I believe the frost was the cause. If not, I'l replace the ADC.


Thanks again!

no problem and best of luck to you friend.