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I have a scotsman CME506 ice maker. The problem is the unit

Customer Question

I have a scotsman CME506 ice maker. The problem is the unit will not come out of harvest unless I reset the board or unplug the hot gas valve for a few seconds. I suspect the board is bad, but at $300 I want to be sure. Thanks
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.

Did it dropped the ice already and still won't start the cooling cycle?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Correct, It drops the ice, but in order to start a new cycle I have to reset the board or unplug the gas valve
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
How does it detects if the ice dropes already? Does it uses a magnetic switch from the curtain or a mechanical micro switch that detects the curtain as it opens?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
there is no curtain to open, I have no book on the unit
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
oK, i am reading the manual now and yes, not like the manitowok which uses a curtain to reset the cooling cycle. Yours uses the electronic board. but what if the sensor is defective? Then it would be a waste to replace the board. Let me continue reading the manual and see if it would indicate resistance reading for you to measure if the resistance is within the range of the sensors.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok, I have to leave now. I won't be back for several hrs. I'll contact you when I return. Thanks
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
ok..If I am off line, just leave your question and I will answer them as soon as I get back. leave the unit on and it will register error codes. It will help us diagnose the problem.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok I'm back
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok I'm back
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.

Kindly follow this instruction and let me know if it has the error codes. I have posted some info regarding the harvest cycle and what codes it will indicate.

To Recall the last two diagnostic codes: Push
and hold the Off button until the machine shuts off.
Then push and hold the Off button again until the
green lights flash on. Push and release the
Harvest button to recall the most recent diagnostic
code. Push and release the Harvest button again
to recall the second to last diagnostic code (the bin
full light will be on when the second to last code is
displayed). If no code is displayed, there was none
recorded. Push and release the off button again to
return to the normal setting.


The (air cooled model) fan is off.
The water valve opens and fills the reservoir to the
Full level.
The water pump shuts off, it will restart in less than
a minute.
Note: Machines built after August 1996:
• If the machine remains in the harvest cycle
for longer than between 6 to 9 minutes
(depending upon the regular harvest cycle’s
length) the water pump will be switched off
until the next freeze cycle.
• When the bin is full and the unit is in a
harvest cycle, the pump will be switched off.
The Controller checks how long it takes to fill the
reservoir and if it was too much time, the machine
Shuts Down on Water Error.
Note: The machine will automatically attempt to
restart after shutting down because of a lack of
water. The time between restarts is about 20
The inlet water valve will stay on and open for a
predetermined fraction of the time it took to fill the
reservoir. This overflows and rinses the reservoir
During the Harvest Cycle, ice will be falling from
the evaporators and between the bin control’s
electric eyes. The Controller monitors the ice
falling and stays in the Harvest Cycle until ice quits
going thru the electric eyes.
The maximum harvest time is 10 minutes. The first
Harvest after a restart will be a long one to
establish a base line, then the actual time it took to
release the ice is used to determine the length of
the next harvest cycle.
If no cubes fall (or are sensed) by the end of
Maximum Harvest Time, the machine senses a
refrigeration error. If the next cycle also produces a
refrigeration error, the machine Shuts Down.
Note: Machines built up to August 1996: The last
Harvest cycle before shutting off on Bin Full will be
10 minutes long. Machines built beginning
August 1996 have a last harvest cycle that is
4-6 minutes long.
Note: The machine will not restart for 4 minutes
after switching off on Bin Full, unless the freeze
button is pressed.

Diagnostic Lights and Manual Resets

The controller will shut the machine off if a
malfunction is sensed. Controllers up to 17-1 will
shut the machine off after the first malfunction.
Controllers marked 17-1 and up will restart the
machine 2 times, with a 50 minute interval
between restarts.
If a malfunction is still present after the second
restart, the machine will then shut off and must be
manually reset. During the restart interval, the
machine will be off and a diagnostic code
An exception to this is lack of water. When
switched off because of lack of water, the machine
will always try to re-fill the reservoir every 20
Another exception is a harvest error. As before,
there must be two consecutive harvest errors to
trigger a machine shut-down. With this change, the
controller will still shut down and restart the
machine after two consecutive harvest errors.
However, if the errors repeat two more
consecutive times, the controller will shut down
and restart the machine again. If the machine
registers two more consecutive harvest errors, the
machine will again shut down and must be
manually reset.
Production of units with Controllers 17-1 began
approximately March 1997. Higher numbers may
be expected after that date.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So do you think it could be the electric eye bin controls not sensing the ice falling
Expert:  Francis replied 8 years ago.
It could be . Look at the eyes and see if it is dirty. Clean it as instructed.