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My Maytag LSE 7800 was leaking and the problem appear to be

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My Maytag LSE 7800 was leaking and the problem appear to be seal-related. I have now replaced he mounting stem and boot seal but now the inner drum will not spin. If I manually manipulte the shaft below the drums, I canget it to spin but it is scraping. What adjustment do I need to make to fix it? Also, there was an uneven copper washer on the shaft when I removed the conical seal from below he inner drum - would placement of this washer affect this problem and where shold the washer be placed (even if it isn't causing the poroblem, I don't want it to create a DIFFERENT problem)?

did you replace this also? , Part(NNN) NNN-NNNN width=its the tub bearing kit.let me know, thanks Bryan

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Nope-Just installed a mounting stem and boot seal kit (Maytag 22204012 = boot seal, the conical cork-covered piece on which the inner drum sits and a new nut). The kit didn't include the previously mentioned copper washer which has two high sides, two low sides and which I am not positive where it should be located or whether that is creating and/or complicating my problem. One things for sure - the inner drum is NOT spinning...and was spinning with no problem when the unit was leaking. I had to replace the seal a few years back and had the rubbing problem then but can't recall how to fix...frustrating. Thanks for your help!
this is the boot seal you replaced and there are no copper washers in these accept inside the old seal there is this may have come apart and you thought it had to go back on the washer when you replaced the seal but the only things you use is what you see in this picture., Part(NNN) NNN-NNNN width=the bearing may be gone in this, (previous post picture) was it tight around the shaft? the bushing I mean?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The bearing appeared to be tight around the shaft - I checked because I thought it a little early for the seal to fail again and thought it might be the culprit. Doesn't appear to be, though, and everything was spinning fine before the new seal kit was installed (with the exception of the agitator, which would slow when the belt got wet from the leak). Regarding the old copper washer, it is beneath the new parts installed (at bottom of shaft) - any harm leaving it there? Thanks again.
if the bearing was tight around the shaft and is kinda hard to turn with your hand you need to replace this. I'm not sure about a copper washer on this i've done lots of these in the past but dont remember a copper washer in that area but its been awhile since Ive done one though. if it was there before leave it. this link shows all the parts in the bearing and seal area, if you see the part your talking about let me know I'll check in the morning for reply . long day need to crash , work tomorrow, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will have to disassemble to re-check the bearing (ugh). How likely is it that the bearing would spin freely before the new seal was in but not after. Also, I can har a "grating" noise at the top of the inner drum that seems to be more the culprit (can spin the shaft with difficulty manually and hear the scraping sound). Is there an adjustment I can make to move the inner drum downward? This is a no-load spin I have attempted, so the adjustment would likely not be much as the load weight would help when actuall washing. Thanks again for your hep and I look forward to your reply. Hope ou get (or got) some rest!
oh . I think I know whats going on now, it sounds like you outer tub ring on the very top of the tub , the last piece you put in when you put it back together.its the part with the big ring clamp its hitting the top of the inner tub, take that off and see if it spins then with no noise you may have pushed it down to low and its hitting that cement part of the inner tub, I've done that myself. it has to clear as the tub spins. it the part that this clamp holds in place. Part 1796 heres the diagram , part # XXXXX may be the issue with the sraping. also make sure your tub is siiting level and not hitting top cover of outer tub, hope this is it, thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That was it!! I have spun it through a few dry cycles and will be testing the seal next. Thanks SO MUCH for your help!!!
your very welcome, sorry i didnt think of that at first but its been a while since i've done one of these so i had a brain freeze on it at first, well wishes and thanks Bryan