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I have a Caloric Corp gas range model RLS363 UL P1142103N

Resolved Question:

I have a Caloric Corp gas range model : RLS363 UL    P1142103N L    serial : 92 11 267902     could you tell me the year out of curiosity but I wish to convert from Natural gas to LP gas what do I need to do?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Appliance Tech Larry replied 8 years ago.
the year is 10/92 or 10/02 ,,,,, to convert to lp you will need to contact a LP dealer and buy a orifice kit to install into the burner valve and set the oven burners to burn for LP .... its the best to get the servicer at a local LP dealer to come out and set it up because they are the only ones that is suppose to be allowed to do it / larry
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It only has one oven burner and 4 top burners, all the orifice locations appear to be just behind the control knobs, Reading one of the other appliance Tech responces to the same question about a similar range (from about a year ago) he mentioned screwing the orifices in further for the convertion. Do you mean I need to purchase new orifices (replace the ones at the control knobs)? What do you mean by setting the oven burners to burn LP?
Expert:  Appliance Tech Larry replied 8 years ago.
the orifice is at the burners on top and the size of the openning in the orifice sets the amout of gas to come to the burner when it lights ,,, so you need a new set of orifices for the top burners
the oven you will adjust by screwing in the nut on the valve to cut down the gas flow
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a Sears model range now that I'm replacing with this Caloric Corp one. On the Sears model yes all I had to do was change the orifices at the burners. This Caloric Corp Model RLS363 UL             P1142103N L               Serial 92 11 267902                      Does not have the little brass orifices at the burners the only thing that looks like the orifice are just behind the control knobs but they look like they are encased in a black plastic casing I'm not sure if I can separate them or adjust them. I have no owners manual.
Expert:  Appliance Tech Larry replied 8 years ago.
ok ,,, you have a different style ,,,, at the back where the gas comes in is a reguator and it should have a lever on it to swap from nat to lp
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK I'm not at home right now but that would make sence the orifices don't really look changable, the lever is it on the regulator itself or would it be just before or after it I think I remember the regulator looks similar to a BBQ one but I didn't look too closley at the time I was looking for the orifices.
Expert:  Appliance Tech Larry replied 8 years ago.
the lever will be on the regulator itself ,,, just flip it over to LP and it will ajust the gas flow / thanks Larry
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