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I have a GE monogram model # BIS42CKC side by side built in

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I have a GE monogram model #: BIS42CKC side by side built in refrigerator. The compressor is functioning fine and the freezer keeps stuff frozen but the refrigerator side is not cooling adequately.(About 46 degrees at the top and 28 to 30 degrees at the bottom) The vents at the bottom don't seem to be pushing circulation. Could a fan that's supposed to circulate cold air be broken or do you have a better explanation?

Hi thanks for the question,

You said something about the bottom vent ,did you check the top vents

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
<p> </p><p>Careful inspection including removal of overhead light cover reveals NO other vents in refrigerator side. The only ones I could find are at the bottom freezer side.</p>



You look at this ,And I will look at it as well.

Look in fridge section top left towards the freezer


This is the baffle control it opens a vent at the top tp the freezer .

Thats what the problem is check that

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
<p>It looks like I have to go into the freezer and remove the square housing around this baffle control. Once I'm in there is there anything visual that will indicate malfunction or are you confident enough to suggest I just order a replacement part? </p>
Its not in the freezer its in the fridge ,At the top left corner it vents in the freezer ,If this baffle is closed it wont allow air flow,Try adjusting the control to a lower #
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
In section 2 of the diagram blowups(freezer section upper right hand corner) the baffle control is shown directly behind the temperature control knob. On the frig side behind the control knob it is discribed only as control.
Yes thats the control, it goes from freezer but you cant repair it from the freezer section ,Its from the fridge section,
Yes there is one in the freezer as well Try setting both controls half way ,And give it 24 hrs to cycle ,Let me know what happens
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