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My Maytag fridge freezer GC2227CDFB is leaking water. I have

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My Maytag fridge freezer GC2227CDFB is leaking water. I have discovered where its coming from. Inside the left door freezer section, behind the bottom pullout tray houses a panel with what resembles box with air holes. Water is leaking out of the bottom of this pouring slowly under the wire tray making ice, thicker and thicker. Occaionally water just pours out. Every day I break up the ice clump, should I call out an engineer. It appears a tube or something is blocked, but not sure where or what to do. Can you advise?
on this diagram, is the water comming from the part marked #14 on the very bottom of freezer section? let me know. if it is you need to remove the back panel in the freezer and defrost the defrost drain hole under the coils , this is clogged. use a hair dryer to do this, or you can pour hot water on it until it drains freely, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No I believe its coming out of No. 20.
ok thats the same thing I was talking about, #14 is right behind # XXXXX and thats where the drain hole is . remove the panel and do the instructions i mentioned above and this will take care of your prblem. these drain holes get clogged all the time. dont try to chip away at this with a screw driver because you can danmage the sealed system , when you get the ice out make sure you pour hot water in there until it runs down freely. thanks Bryan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'll give this a go. thanks very much for swift response.
no problem I'm sure you will find it clogged , if you need more help I'll be back later this morning , thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It was slightly different to the diagram you sent. The blocked ice was at the bottom underneath a metal scoop tray/funnel that I could not be removed due to part of the back being attached to the 'spiral' elements, however I did get my hairdryer on the metal tray which in turn melted the ice underneath it, then I poured as you suggested boiling water into it, which appeared to do the trick, hope that it remains clear as it was a bit of an effort, nevertheless though, it certainly saved me money in the immediate future. Many thanks.
I'm glad it worked out for you . this can happen from time to time , its just a bad design unfortunately, well wishes and thanks Bryan, p.s. i do these all the time so i know what you mean by