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Model GE Profile XL1800 Microwave, Serial JVM1870SK03, Manufactured

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Model: GE Profile XL1800 Microwave, Serial: JVM1870SK03, Manufactured 9/05. Trouble: No inside light, no surface light, no turntable movement, no hv transformer fan movement. (Fan does attempt to move when the microwave starts to cook but stops) Checked two fuses - good, checked thermostats, one open, on closed (normal), checked capacitor - good. Whats next before the big hammer? I do have electrical experience to troubleshoot.
ok so when you start the cycle the timer just counts down but you don't hear anything move or turn on is that correct?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Now that I have this site figured out I can provide more...

Front panel works as it should. If I turn on the vent fan it will turn on but the fan door will not open, the louvier. I can hear the relay click, same goes for the surface lights. If I try to cook it will start and you can hear the hum of the magnatron. I did not want to let it run too long for fear of that internal fan not running. However the internal light will not come on and the turntable will not move. I have checked a few points for voltage, it appears that there is 120vac to the controller board and 13.3vac on the low voltage side...
ok so there are only 2 things that cause cause this and only 1 thing that can be tested acurately. Either one of your door switches is not being activated / shorted, or your control board is bad.

Check each of the 3 door switches and make sure they are all being activated correctly when the door is shutting. If all 3 check good then you have a bad control board. If not then replace the door switch that is not responding correctly.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
All three door switches change state when the door is closed. Is there any diagnostics that can be done with the controller. That is what I had suspected as being faulty.
well there is but GE doesn't list their schematics outside of the schematic that comes inside the machine if you take the wrapper off. Aside from that I personally just test the door switches and if they all tests good then I know that the controller is bad so I never check any further myself.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Of course it has to be one of the most expensive parts, lol! Alright, will see if I can find a local store here that may accept returns if it is in fact something else. I will be back with the answer in a few days.
no problem but I assure you if you tested the switches correct, the board is your problem.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'll take your word for it and Accept the answer. Thanks for your help.
no problem if you have questions just reply back here I can still continue to help you out.