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Hi - how do I replace a hidden bake element in a Kitchenaid

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Hi - how do I replace a hidden bake element in a Kitchenaid (Whirlpool) oven? Model YKERA807PS
ok these are replaced from the side of the oven i believe, let me check the model # XXXXX Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If it's through the side, then I'd have to take off the housing on the side of the oven (I've already taken off the left and right outside panels). The power leads are accessed through the back -- I just can't figure out where the mounting bracket is for the element and can't find a service manual online. Thanks
are you sure there wasnt any access through the side?are the wires comming straight out the back on this? if they are look at the diagram i sent and disregard next info . you need to unplug the oven and pull it out and remove the right side of the oven looking from the front.there should be screws holding it ion in the back of the oven. check front for screws also. once you have the side panel off the oven you will see insulation and down the bottom you should see the wires running to the element and it sit in a tray. remove the wires and i believe a couple of 1/4" screws and pull element out through the side. if the element check out trace the wires back to the back of oven, I've seen many of these wires burn from laying against the oven wall. hope this helps thanks Bryan. heres a diagram.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX wires are coming out the back, and I unscrewed the metal plate that holds the element and insulation under the oven, but there didn't seem to be any way to pull it out. I've got that same schematic (found it online!) but it isn't very helpful in showing how the element coems out. But thanks for your quick reply, appreciate the help.
well let me see what else I can find out thanks Bryan
after speaking to my supply house he says you remove part 12 on diagram this unit does come out the back. it may be just stuck. he says it comes out the rear for sure. I cant really see the screws to remove but that whole piece#12 comes off then you can get the element out. thanks Bryan
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another tech helped clarify how to do this one,

2. Pull the range out of its mounting location

so that you can access the rear of the unit.

3. Remove the rear panel from the unit


Electrical Shock Hazard

Disconnect power before servicing.

Replace all parts and panels before


Failure to do so can result in death or

electrical shock.


Hidden Bake Element

4. Remove the four screws from the hidden

bake element cover flanges.

5. Bend the cover flanges down as far as

they will go.

6. Use a pen knife or a single-edged razor

blade, and cut the insulation blanket as

shown below. Be sure to separate the

insulation blanket as cleanly as possible.

7. Carefully move the upper and lower sections

of the insulation blanket out of the

way so that you can access the hidden

bake element and its mounting bracket.

8. Remove the four mounting bracket screws

and the two hidden bake element bracket


4 Cover Flange Screws

Bend Cover Flanges Down

Cut Insulation Blanket

Remove Two Screws

Remove Four Screws

9. Carefully pull the hidden bake element

and its mounting bracket out of the range.

Pull Out Hidden Bake Element

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