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i need follow up help on my frigidaire refridgerator problem,

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i need follow up help on my frigidaire refridgerator problem, I had some questions answerede a couple of weeks ago and I have just been able to get back on the task, I am trying to remove the hoses from the filter housing, can you tell me how this is done.
first off let me check your former question and I'll get back to you, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks , the fridge model # XXXXX XXXXX
ok give me a few minutes to read your other post. thanks Bryan
first thing I would do is you have a water holding tank in this behind the crisper and shelves right? take a hair dryer and place it on the tank for a while and keep trying the water to see if its starts to come out. these sometimes freeze and stop the water from comming through. let me know thanks Bryan, Part 935939
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i did this on this last trouble shooting and still could not get water and my next task was to disconnect the water lines at the filter housing to see if I was getting water there and then know if i need to purchase a housing body, my problem is I am in Brazil with a US product and no parts so when I go to the states next week I need to have the parts waiting for me so I can bring them back and install, so now I am at my question, how do I remove the water lines , I have something I can splice them together with to test.

ok the way to remove the hoses from the filter is to push the blue pieces on this picture in and pull the hoses out at the same time these are quick connects. , , then you can test it. thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks trouble shooting complete when I took the hose off and tested I got water thur the hose, now how do I remove the filter hosing I removed the two screws from the bottom but it seems the button that releases the filter will not allow the housing to be removed and where and how can I get this housing?

you can go here for all the parts. hope I've been helpfull. thanks and Happy Easter, Bryan

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
what about the answer on how to get the housing free and out of the fridge
sorry ,there should be screws going up through the bottom of this, here are the diagrams this should help.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i have removed the screws and cannot get the housing to come out it seems to be stuck on the rod for the filter release?

I believe you need to drop the control panel in the front also on this. its been a while since i've done one of these. if you look at the diagram there are three screws holding this also the screws are numbered 81 and theres one in the back of part # XXXXX look real good you will see it. then this should drop dowm and you can get filter assembly out
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks for all the help I will order the needed part and a new filter.
your very welcome . Happy Easter thanks Bryan