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I have a model FDE558 GHSO Frigidaire electric clothes dryer.

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I have a model FDE558 GHSO Frigidaire electric clothes dryer. As the drum turns, there is a high pitched squeaking noise that sometimes abates after running for a while. I figure that I will need to remove the drum in order to fix it. How is the drum removed, and then reinstalled, on this model?
first off your right , you do have to remove the drun to replace the rear bearing assembly. lets start with some diagrams, this is what your dealing with. on the top between the the top and the front panel there will be a clip on each side about 3 inches in you push these clips in and lift the top and let it lean back against the wall tlook down the sides and there will be a phillip head screw about 2-3 inches down holding the front panel on remove these and pull the front out at the top and lift it off the bottom clips. unplug the door switch wires and put front aside. unplug the machine before starting. let me know when you have the front off, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The front has been taken off.

ok now you have to reach in and release the belt. pull the puuley back and take the belt of the motor. then the tub will be able to be removed. this lifts up out off the back bearing by lifting it from the rear of the drum. sometimes these are hard to get out but I usually slide the belt towards the rear of drum and jerk up on the back with the belt ,it will come out then you will see the baering assemly and you will know what to do from there. these come with instruction to replace, here the bearing assembly and tune up kit. its a great deal $30.00 for the whole thing . this kit practicly rebiulds entire drive assembly. click here. thanks Bryan.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

You were right. It was a bit difficult to get the drum to release in order to be pulled out. But I did it, thanks to your suggestions. I was ready to start removing a bunch of screws from the back of the drum, which would not have helped. The bearing was very dry and had some wear, obviously the source of the squeaking. Thanks for your help.


Thank you Ronnie.

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