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I have LG WM2487HRM Washer and the Water will not drain from

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I have LG WM2487HRM Washer and the Water will not drain from the Tub. Two weeks ago noticed the Washer was leaking a little water but could'nt find source of leak on inspection. 1 week ago, Error message OE occurred which Owner's Manual says Drain hose is bent or clogged. I used front drain line and emptied water and the checked drain filter which was clean. I then checked the drain hose in rear and it was not clogged nor bent. My drain pipe (that the dryer drains to) is clear and water runs freely down it. The Washer then ran several loads without problem. Then Last night I got the error message OE again but this time the Washer tub still has standing water in it. I tried draining the water from the front hose but very little water came out and the standing water remains in the tub. I again checked the drain filter and it is clear. I have tried to run the spin and drain cycle but the machine just makes sound like motor but does not either drain water nor spin. Any thoughts


Drain the water out manually.

Once empty, take the filter out and use a long screwdriver to turn the impellor on the pump.

If it spins freely the impellor is broken off the pump.

If it pings round, set the machine to a spin and listen at the filter housing to see if you can hear the pump running.

If you do, you'll need to take the pump out and check for debris in the hoses and the pump ports.


Hope this helps

Let me know what you find.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I drained the water from the tub with a bucket as best as possible. I took out the front drain filter and with my long screwdriver I pushed into the only hole I could find in back of the drain filter socket. This displaced a piece of either metal or plastic or perhaps a valve cover and the remaining water drained out. I then tried to use the screw driver to find a pump or an impellor on a pump. Is this in the same hole where the drain filter removes from? I can't really see anything except a hole and when I probe around with the screw driver, I find nothing to turn. Not sure I am in the right place? However, After draining the water I then ran a rinse and spin cycle and the water both refilled and drained correctly through the rear hose as intended. Is it possible there is something in the outer tub that floats around and periodically blocks the drain hole? If so, what do I do to repair it without major surgery? Thanks for your help so far but I am apparently very stupid about these machines. Granville Alley


From what you've just posted it would appear that you've dislodged whatever was causing the blockage.


You've run it once, now run it through a full cycle and see what happens.

It should work fine now.


Hope this helps


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
But does this mean that I will periodically (maybe regularly) have this problem? This was a very expensive Washer and I really don't want to have to manually drain it every third or fourth wash. Not complaining to you as you are clearly not the problem, but inquiring as to what my expectation should be?

Thanks again, I am now running a full load and will see what occurs.

Granville Alley


You have to clean out the filter regularly.

Buttons, coins and bits of fluff can get stuck in it and can stop it pumping out properly.

Now that you've taken out whatever was in there it should be fine again, until something else gets stuck in it.


Hope this helps


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The Washer continues to not drain regularly and I have to poke around in the front drain port regularly to apparently release a valve or something that is sticking. The Washer is just a little over a year old, cleans really well when it works but has now had to be manually drained about every other washload. When I stick a screwdriver in the hole behind the drain filter which itself has never once been clogged. I hit something that has a spongy or rubbery feel and then the water releases as if a valve has been opened.

There is no impeller that I can feel or that pings or that turns. There is nothing in this hole that feels mechanical. I cannot see inside because this is a small hole at the rear of the drain filter section (behind the little door on the front of the machine) I am sorry to bother you again but I am trying to figure out if I need to get a repairman out or not.

The machine simply does not drain water into the filter area but holds it in the Tub and the surround for the tub. I then must poke a long screwdriver through the hole behind the filter and press against this spongy or rubbery material. This seems to release a valve and all the water comes gushing out and to the extent possible be caught by a bucket or two. Then sometimes the washer will run two or three more loads before doing the same thing again and sometimes it will simply not drain again on the very next load. You cannot effectively drain the water out of the machine except by releasing this jam or whatever as the tub itself contains only a small portion of the water with most of the water being contained in the whatever surrounds the washtub.

Again, This is a front loading LG Washer with direct drive motor Model WM2487HRM
Thank you for your kind consideration of my query


You'll need to strip the pump out of the machine.

I think you've either got a non return flap (rubber) on the pump or there is something stuck in there that moves and acts as a butterfly valve.

If it's a non return flap, I'd suggest just removing it and ensure the drain hose is high enough to prevent back syphoning.

If it's a blockage, just clean it out and reassemble the appliance.


It's ok, I do know it's a front loader with direct drive motor.


At worst you may have to replace the pump but I think you'll find that taking it out and checking it will reveal the problem.


Hope this helps

Let me know how it goes or if you need further assistance.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What is involved in removing the pump. And how will the machine keep water in the tub or around the tub while it is washing and rinsing if I remove the "non return flap". Can you point me to a website that might have schematics or drawings of the interior of the machine so I know what I am getting myself into as a task. As you might have surmised by now, Washing machine repair is not exactly my cup of tea so to speak,


I'll see if I've got anything to help you when I get into the office tomorrow.

A non return flap doesn't keep the water in the machine, it stops dirty water being sucked back in, hence the reason I said to keep the drain hose higher than the machine.


Unplug the appliance, pull it out and take the rear cover off.

Open the filter door and take the filter out.

Take the plastic panel below the front panel off.

Undo the screws holding the filter housing.

From the rear, take the pump and filter housing out, disconnect the wiring and the hoses from the pump.

Check the hoses for any debris.

Now the pump is out, check it for this item that keeps blocking it, remove it and refit the hoses and wiring to the pump.

Refit the pump and filter housing, refit the panel and the filter.

Try the machine out.


If I find any diagrams, they will be exploded parts views, they don't always help but I'll post them tomorrow once I get in the office if I have them.


Hope this helps